Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

DWIT Clubs with New Plans and Policies

By Utkrista K.C.

Art By: Nikita Gautam

DWIT has more than 13 clubs at present. This college has not only been able to provide quality education to students, but it also focuses on all around development of the students. The skills we learn during our club activities are of huge importance. Here, one delves into real world experience. One gets to learn to lead a team, to work in groups, learn new technologies, and discuss various topics. More than all of these things, one learns sociability by acquiring soft skills which play a vital role in building our career these days.

So, on focusing further plans and projects, all of the clubs had a meeting with Mr. Rudra Pandey. Each club is now even more re-energized with creative ideas so they can come up with challenging and interesting policies. The meeting was fruitful and the clubs got a platform from where they can go further with new dimensions. Here is what some of the clubs have to say about the meeting they had with Mr. Rudra Pandey.

The meeting that we held with Chairman Mr. Rudra Pandey was fruitful to us in a sense that he gave some suggestions like making a Facebook page of the club, posting video clips and some of the interesting moments are really worth listening to.  We felt that we should have done that at the beginning.  His idea of involving students from other colleges in our club is really interesting.  We are looking forward to involving a few students from other colleges if they can commit to what our club needs.  The meeting was short and sweet.- DeerExpress Club

Meeting with Rudra Sir was really fruitful as he discussed out loud a stream of great and new ideas to make our club special in upcoming days.  He asked us about the progress that the club has been making and also gave us ideas to improve activities by inviting students from outside the college as well.  He also asked us to start a blog where we could share our experiences of the book readings with the outside world and also collect their suggestions about other books to read. He asked Bijaya Sir to provide us snacks during the discussion sessions, which brought a smile to the faces of the club members. Everyone is excited about the new initiatives that the club will be taking. We have planned to apply other new initiatives to the club as well, which will be further discussed in the upcoming meeting as well. Hope everything goes well as planned.- Book Club

Obviously, it was a fruitful meeting with Rudra Pandey sir. As our club is all about Documentaries and Movies, he thought we were involved in making short movies and documentaries. But we told him that we show documentaries once in a month and a movie fortnightly. We also told him that we were about to conduct a short movie contest before the earthquake and how we could not succeed in conducting it. He introduced us to one of the employee from the designer team of Deerwalk. His name is Milan Lohani who has experience in making short movies. He said that he will help us in every possible way.

We will continue our Documentary show and Movie show routine as usual. We will try to entertain as many students as much as possible by conducting activities like the Friday movie show quiz. We will be conducting a short movie contest in collaboration with the Media Club. The students can participate in the short movie-making contest. We can also get help from Milan Lohani to make this event successful. There will be different categories for the short video contest. We will soon announce the short movie contest among the students. We are waiting for the right time to conduct it. We hope the college will support us to conduct this event.- Movie and Documentary Club

Yes, our club meeting with Rudra Pandey was very fruitful. Before the meeting, the college was facing a lot of internet problems, especially with the Wi-Fi. We told college management a lot about buying new devices since the old ones were outdated and gave low performance, but they were in dilemma whether to buy it or not. Once we told Rudra Sir about the issue, he immediately asked college management to buy new devices (manageable CISCO switches, High-performance AP's). Then after two days, all devices were purchased and the IT Club has installed all the devices. Now, it's working great. Similarly, Rudra sir gave us some innovative ideas to make a profit with what we are doing right now. Like repairing old PC's for outsiders, establish a PC repair shop outside the campus so that we can implement our talent and make a profit as well. In addition to that, he also gave us an idea to create something different like making a CUP casing out of wood, so that we can exhibit in different tech and educational fair by representing our college. At last, he told our college management to give each club funding of Nrs. 25,000 per six months to run the club.  

The most important benefit we got was the purchase permission of new devices for college to solve the Wi-Fi Internet issue. Also, we got to hear some innovative ideas from him. It was inspiring while talking to him. He is a man of words. We have great plans to proceed further in the club. Someday soon, we are going to give a workshop session on "Linux" for the students of DWIT. Additionally, we are planning to host an application and file server in college intranet as well. As Rudra Sir has given us some innovative ideas like establishing a PC workshop outside the college, we'll be thinking on that very soon and for that we will be hiring some new candidates in the Club.- IT Club 

The software club had an interesting and motivating meeting with Rudra sir, and unquestionably it was fruitful. Rudra sir tries to motivate the students every time he meets them. All the members were motivated by his speech.

Talking about benefits, we were benefited by having exposure to a new set of thinking about building applications. He asked us to do something new, think about some wild thoughts and twist them into an application. He also portioned out with us some wild ideas that he possesses in his mind. He encouraged us to think similar crazy ideas and suggested to exercise on those ideas.

We have planned to work on some crazy and fascinating ideas and build a workable product. We are also thinking of coming up with a weekly tech magazine, which will cover the tech atmosphere news.- Software Club

"Our meeting with Mr. Rudra Pandey was worth the time. He has given us considerable feedback to enhance the quality and context of news in our site. Furthermore, he has also motivated us to get involved in in-depth news, which our readers will soon find in our site. We will also be posting application oriented Tech articles in future. As per his suggestions, we have also taken in two DWIT students as cartoonists in our site. We will now not be using any pictures from external sources. Furthermore, we have decided to hire students outside DWIT as reporters. If anyone reading this article is interested, they can contact us at [email protected]. All in all, the meeting was fruitful." - DWIT News Club

Lastly, the clubs are now motivated with new plans and policies in making the activities more challenging. So, we wish all the best to all clubs!