Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

DWIT Club Meetings

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

On 19th November 2014, all the newly formed clubs of DWIT had a meeting for the first time with all four batches of students present. There was a glow in the faces of the new presidents and new members. Everyone was excited to hold the meetings and plan out the next nine months . All 12 clubs held their respective meetings in different places of the college. We, the DWIT News Club, held our meeting in the beautiful DWIT garden under the sun. Every club had a ton of things to discuss and so did we. All of us sat around and started to talk. The mentors, the president and the vice president were welcoming to the new members and made everyone feel at ease. There were no traces of superiority, no sense of detachment and most importantly not a single person was felt left out. Menosh joined us after a while and she was just as amazing as ever. A little while after that Hitesh Sir joined in. Everyone had a great time and we all left with a smile on our faces. I can only speculate, but I am sure that other clubs had a great time in their respective meetings and came out with ideas and plans to move their clubs forward and make them better. First let me talk about the Deerchautari club. This club is making its presence well known after its first session. It was interesting, informative and all of the people who attended the session left with a whole lot of knowledge, facts and tidbits. The Software club plans to make the Deercoders sessions even better in the near future with new challenges. The IT club is as active as ever as they work their magic behind the scenes in the college. Many of us may not know but they work very diligently to make the college a better experience for everyone. The Media club seems to be in high spirits as they wait to release their first set of videos. This is going to be a daunting task for the new members but I am sure that they will come out of it with flying colors. The Deerexpress club has always surprised everyone. The new members have surprised us even more. The club is looking up to be one of the most interesting clubs in the near future. The Book club has requested the college to bring in new books. As a book lover myself, I am sure the members will have a great time reading the new books. No tournaments are planned for the near future but the Sports club is going strong by organizing futsal and indoor cricket for all sports lovers in the college. The Music club is in high gear as they are about to start music classes for all the student as well as faculty members. Those who are interested in learning to play can contact the music club and they will be more than happy to teach you. I am a firm believer that everyone should learn to play at least one instrument. It helps you to focus your mind and body. Also, you feel great when you hear the beautiful melody that you are creating. The newly reshuffled Movie club had a great start. They showed “Guardians of the Galaxy” and everyone had a great time watching the movie. The Social Service club has made plans to do some good for the community in the near future. Mixed in with all the good news is the bad. The Hiking club had to cancel its partial hike due to insufficient participants but they are still going on in high spirits. The club has made a pledge to make the next hike one of the greatest experiences for all. The newly reshuffled clubs are going to be a blast for all of the members and great things are being set in motion with new ideas and new plans by each of the clubs.