Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Duty VS Humanity: Governments Vs Citizens

By Mahan Adhikari

The recent monsoon season has cast a shadow of grief and hunger over some rural areas of Nepal. Several people have died in the catastrophic floods and landslides that have been a regular occurrence over the past few months. Such ruthlessness shown by Mother Nature can make even the strongest hearts weep. This is a period when every small bit of help from anyone can be a boon to the flood victims especially when our government is simply ignoring the hardships of its citizens. It is the obligation of the Government to help its citizens in times of need, however, it seems that the help from fellow citizens and different non-government organizations has been more effective and rapid. Once again, our Government who often talk the talk, have failed to walk the walk.

Citizens, organizations, and groups are jumping in to help the floods and landslides affected people in various parts of the country. Various NGOs and organization are working at a basic level to collect all the essential aids for the victims. HELP NEPAL Network has worked to provide relief material to Saptari, the most affected area. Run Singh Basnet, the chairman of the organization, recently said: “We have prepared family relief packs and distributed them to over 200 households.” The organization has provided blankets, mattresses, and nets, clothes, cooking utensils and a tent to several families. Working with other local organization this particular organization has been actively working in Saptari and helping people from the basic level.

This is not a period where we wait and rely on the government. We must start working from the basic level and help as much as we can. The Country’s unstable government with all its political disputes and corruption is simply not reliable enough in this time of need.

Other organizations and groups have also come together to collect relief materials for floods and earthquake victims. “It is a part of a humanitarian effort to help the victims,” said Subhash Adhikari, an entrepreneur who has initiated collecting relief with the help of a group of friends.

Nepal Red Cross Society is one other organization which has been actively working to help and provide aids to the victims. It has played a vital role in helping the sick and injured.

Several individuals and small organizations, companies, schools, and colleges have also provided help to various affected areas of the country. This is a period of turmoil and sorrow for the victims and as a citizen of the country, we all must work to provide the victims a shred of relief through all the small donations that we can offer.