Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

Dustbins :) The Hope for a Positive Change

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

Photo Courtesy: I doubt the word ‘dustbin’ is normally followed by a smile, but when we see what I would call, organized and maintained proper dustbins all around an area; the word credits a small but heartfelt smile. The dustbins I am writing about (well, now isn't that a statement I thought, I’d never have to write) are the ones around Jamal area. They have been there for a few weeks now and they are still intact. The fact that got my attention was that they were not the normal dustbins around town, but instead they were a much needed upgrade. These dustbins have two compartments, one for degradable things like banana peels and waste foodstuff and the other for non-degradable things like plastics and glasses. The dustbins have clear instructions on where each waste should be trashed along with a much needed color code. It’s a great sight to people passing by every day and reading the message on the bins and using it accordingly. [caption id="attachment_4088" align="aligncenter" width="817"][/caption] Gangaman Gauchan, a local resident was found peeling oranges and placing the remains into the dustbin. When asked, he said, “It is a noble step. The street is getting cleaner and also people are getting used to with these dustbins. This is obviously a positive and remarkable change but still the educated ones need to teach others as well. Everybody should cooperate to make it a success.” Little distance away, a little boy threw his chocolate wrapper on the street and his sister picked it up and disposed in the bin, the little boy read the instructions on the bin and smiled. :) True, it’s a small issue and true, one or two upgraded dustbins do not mean a clean and green Kathmandu valley but it’s an effort nonetheless and it’s an effort worth writing about. Maybe this effort will lead into a ripple effect and soon we will have proper dustbins as well as responsible citizens around the valley. It’s a small hope and then again, it’s hopeful nonetheless.