Sun, 26 May, 2024

Durbar Bahiraki Maharani

By Dipesh Poudel

Durbar Bahiraki Maharani is Nepali Novel written by Nagendra Neupane. Durbar Bahiraki Maharani is Novel which about the late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah and Gita who worked in Palace when Mahendra was Prince. This Novel has described the physical relationship between Prince Mahendra and Geeta. The result of this affair was Mahendra’s first son Rabindra. Rabindra was not considered a prince and not given any rights. The novel is about Geeta and her son Rabindra’s struggle to live in the palace which can be interpreted as fight of democracy to survive in Nepal.

This story is about power, lust and conspiracies inside the Palace and how it played a vital role in politics. The story is dramatic and interesting.

The story starts with a boy who wants to rent a room and takes a dramatic turn towards the palace and never returns to the boy. Some readers find this boring. Apart from ending that does not look like ending the book is fantastic. The author wrote years ago and published it recently due to the political landscape of the country.

Durbar Bahiraki Maharani is novel about conspiracy inside palace and struggle women who had affair with the then prince Mahendra and had a child who never was accepted as one of the member of royal family. Their struggle also represents the struggle of democracy to survive and grow in Nepal.