Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

My Dream Speech

By Ashmita Kunwar

Photo Courtesy : Welcome all of you to our company, “INNOVATION IN TECHNOLOGY”! I am your CEO, who will assist and encourage you to make your dream come true. Previously, I worked in Google as a “Chief Operating Officer”. It is time for me to subsidize for my country; give chance to young people like you, who strongly deserve to get a platform to move forward and live for their dreams. We have hired you not only to run our company but also to provide you opportunities and let you go forward, to make changes and new innovations in the technological world. Let me introduce myself, I was very much like you at some point of my time; sitting in one of those seats and listening, time will come for everyone. I started my career as an intern earning 60 rupees per hour, but I always had a big dream, to be what I am today. To be successful, one must have patience, faith in yourself and love your work with all your heart. It might take time, but the big day will for sure come, if you want it from your heart and work hard. I was not a brilliant student, nor very talented with very sharp mind but no doubt I was hard working; just to complete assignments I used to be asleep whole night though. Therefore, you should work  hard,  no need to worry seeing someone more talented than you,  because I always used to worry when my friends used to get higher grades  than me, or used to understand something faster than me. But later I realized that one day your struggle, effort, hard work will result in making your dream come true. I completed my bachelors from Deerwalk Institute of Technology, which in now the best IT College in Asia and self-importantly I can say that I am the creation of DWIT. Whatever and wherever I am today, this is all because of what I learnt in my college. After my bachelors, I worked in Deerwalk Services and also few of us started our own company but after 1 year we were obligated to close it because we moved to US for our Masters. There, I worked and completed my masters simultaneously; later after the completion of my masters I was promoted to the post of project manager, which made me stronger professionally.  After 5 years, I joined Google, which was a big turning point of my life and continued working there for 15 years with full determination and for the last 5 years I worked as a “Chief Operating Officer”. And today, here I am, in my motherland, in the land that gave birth to me and made me successful, to accomplish the dream that I have dreamt for my country. Now, here we will work together, help each other, and I will ensure you all that our company will try to fulfill all your necessities, help you move forward in every possible way. At last, I want you all to follow these four key aspects in your life, “Patience, Faith, Determination and Dream”. Best Wishes to all of you! Thank You for listening! :) :)