Sun, 26 May, 2024

Dream Inside a Dream

By Shila Parajuli

She didn’t know whether her decision was right or wrong. “But who cares? Do what your heart says, and all will be well.” She thought to herself. She couldn’t live with her parents anymore, so she decided to move to a new apartment. She always wanted to live her life as free as a bird, but then her parents always reminded her of career and responsibilities. She couldn’t tolerate the constraints anymore and started searching for an apartment. Finally, at the end of the day,  she found an apartment. It was located 10 km away from Garden of Dreams (The name of a city). She started living on the 5th floor of a Down-Town House. It was the happiest day for Ana.

The apartment was really beautiful. It had a sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, dining hall and a guest room which was more than enough for Ana. Sitting room was really marvelous. Two beautiful flower vases on entrance, a big charmer on the ceiling, different photo frames hanging on wall and elegant crafts were breathing in the sitting room. As soon as Ana saw a photo frame she fell in love with it and it was a photo of a guy. She fell for those soulful eyes, a graceful age and a gleaming smile. Ana couldn’t take off that photo from her mind. The picture was constantly spinning in her head.

Ana wanted to enjoy her life more and more after she shifted to the apartment. But that picture constantly disturbed her mind. Every night, that guy in the picture started coming in her dream. In the photo she could only feel his eyes and smile. As he started appearing in her dreams, his appearance got more and more vivid. He was so young, and even more attractive than in that photo. He was tall, dressed in a black and white suit, beautifully made black tie around his neck, bright blue eyes and a broad smile. He never talked much. He would open the door, enter quietly inside her room and say, “Hi Ana, Why are you here? Do you want me?” and disappear. It happened every night. She was totally disturbed. “This is way too much. I must not think about him”, she said to herself. To get refreshed, Ana decided to organize a party. Everyone was invited to the party, from apartment neighbors to her parents and friends. She had a lot of fun with her friends and relatives. They danced, sang and ate delicious foods which she made. It was nearly midnight when the guests started leaving the party. Eventually, everyone left the party.

Ana went to the washroom to freshen up. To her surprise, she saw that man standing inside the washroom. She screamed. Her neighbor Adison came in and asked her what had happened. But she did not say anything because no one would believe her. That night Adison stayed with Ana. They talked for the whole night. About almost everything about themselves except the photo.

Ana was totally frustrated and wanted free herself from it, but she didn’t know how to. She didn’t even know who to talk to about the whole situation.

Finally, she decided to talk to the Down-Town House manager. Collecting all of her guts she went to meet the manager one fine morning. His name was Harry. Harry was sitting in his office, which was next to her apartment building. Ana said, “Hello Harry, Can I come in?”

Harry replied, “Yes, You are always welcome”.

Ana said, “Umm… I have something to ask. Um...”

Harry replied, “What happen Ana? Is something wrong? You seem troubled. ”

Ana asked, “Will you tell me about the picture of a guy hanging on my living room? Who is he?”

With a grim on his face, Harry replied, “He used to be Prince of Garden of Dreams. Don’t you know?”

Ana replied, “Nope”.

Harry said, “He had written many books. All of them are interesting. Why don’t you start reading with the Biography of Helen?”

Ana went to a book store and got a copy of “Biography of Helen”. She started reading that book right from the acknowledgement page. As she went on reading, she didn’t find any mark that could make her incident clear. Finally, at the end he had mentioned, “I have always wanted to get inside a girl’s dream”.

Ana thought that was her real life. Her life was all about fulfilling his dream. She lived with that dream for the rest of her life.