Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Dream Escape

By Anmol Shrestha

It’s early in the morning. I can hear people outside my home going around their usual start to a day. I open my eyes and I feel so awful for having woken up. I was dreaming so high and bright, everything was beautiful and there was someone amazing that I didn’t want to get away from. She faded quickly as my conscience wanted me to wake up. But I wanted to doze off into that dream again. So I closed my eyes and tried to remember everything I saw (“where was I, remember her, what was she like, what were we doing, stop, this is it”). I kept drawing the face that lured me into that dream until it was picture perfect. Imagination was too vivid as I held her hand and walked away into the distant memory lanes. She seemed to love me so I kept staring at her as she laughed; those angel eyes and her blushing cheeks. I felt so full of life and I didn’t want to escape that dream. If someone took the picture of me, all this pillow and blanket would be on the floor while I’m sleeping with a big grin on my face. Finally I woke up and got out of bed to escape the dream. I smiled and I thought “Oh Boy! She was pretty, what a dream that was!”