Tue, 25 Feb, 2020

Dr. Tshering Lama visits Deerwalk

By Prabina Neupane

Dr. Tshering Lama, an academician, development worker, motivational Speaker, and social activist; visited Deerwalk Institute of Technology on 22nd May, 2014 to talk about his journey of life. Batch of 2015 and 2016 got a chance to interact with him through the “DeerTalk Program”, which is regularly conducted in the college. Dr. Lama graduated from Northumbria University, UK with a BSc in Health Development Studies. He did his Masters of Public Health and did his Ph.D. in Telemedicine from Northumbria as well. Beside his academic accomplishments, he has been awarded and honored with various internal and international prizes. He received the first ever Lord Glenamara International Scholarship by Northumbria University in recognition of his endeavors in bettering public health and the environment through volunteering. He also received the International Student of the Year 2006 in the UK. He was further honored by Northumbria University, with the establishment of the Tshering Lama Northumbria University Scholarships awarded to 20 Nepalese students. The program started with an introduction of Dr. Lama by Prabina Neupane. Dr. Lama talked about the struggles he had to face in his childhood. Speaking of the role he played in his village, he said, “I was a teacher, heath worker and captain of my village.” He shared how he used to stitch the wounds of the villagers with a needle sanitized by fire. A book named Doctor Nabhayema was his helping hand. “Education is the ultimate solution to eradicate the ignorance of people,” said Dr. Lama focusing on the importance of education. He further said, “Life is supposed to be lived on the edge. To attain success in life, one should not hesitate to say; ‘I don’t know’; ‘I am sorry’; and ‘Thank you’; whenever needed and if a person can use this mantra appropriately then he/she can adjust anywhere.” Currently, Dr. Lama is the Country Director of Childreach Nepal, an NGO which is part of the global network of Childreach International. Childreach Nepal works in partnership with local communities to help improve children’s access to healthcare, education, and child rights and protection in Nepal. He believes that maximum deaths happening in Nepal would not have occurred if people had been a bit more careful. It is not the disease, but the ignorance of the literate people regarding disease which is causing so many problems. He was always interested in the health sector and believed in helping people in every way possible. Through Childreach, he aims to help children to be healthy and educated so that they can play an important role in the nation’s development. While the program was coming to the end, he suggested the students to do whatever it takes to complete their dreams. He emphasized on method rather than the content of learning by saying, “It’s not the certificates that defines education; instead, it’s the way you apply the things you have learned in real life. To do that you have to learn, unlearn and re-learn things in every way possible.” Students were greatly influenced by the Dr. Lama’s speech and the excitement carried into the QA session. Students asked a lot of questions to Dr. Lama and he was overwhelmed to answer their queries. The program ended with a Thank you speech by the Academic Director, Hitesh Karki.