Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Dr. Govinda KC Solidarity Movement

By Dipal Malla

On this seventh day of Dr. GKC Satyagraha, various organizations and students from IOM participated in the rally. The rally was participated by hundreds of people. IMG_2208 This is now eight time in a row he is in 'Satyagraha'. Government stakeholders are not being serious to their promises. They are not following agreement seriously. 13708391_1196924067024706_7445453948449216108_o One of the participant of the rally was carrying skeleton symbolizing Dr. GKC. Public sympathy and support is increasing day by day, though some are criticizing him for saying this is not the right time. IMG_2193 13765713_1196925897024523_3216212242894319634_o IMG_2112 13738336_1196927707024342_6669152096166889978_o IMG_2177