Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

I don’t listen to TVD songs anymore (TVD= The Vampire Diaries)

By Amun Kharel

In a year, I have changed a lot I used to watch TVD every Friday And watch it all over again until it finally made sense Sense to my heart Confirming two of my biggest fantasies Romance and Vampires existed Again, I used to skip through the scenes Listen to the background tracks I searched all of its music in the Internet And felt what I wanted to feel I dreamt a lot during the day Even when my sub consciousness was fading before my eyes After the short nap I took every day, I wished for fantasy I wished if romance existed I used to hit the gym With the vigor of a vampire Trenching my jaws. Listening to “TV on the radio.” Infatuation, puppy love, or whatever you call I used to call her every night To say goodnight Either get higher than the empire state Or stare at the abyss And Listening “Echo” in the midnight Melancholy in my heart The most beautiful experience ever We were both young Veneer of maturity Beneath our childish whims She played with her little Barbie Doll And I was living in my fantasies Our relationship grew weary Both too scared to let go And be strong, and finally see what our true feelings were I used to listen to “Skinny love” Telling myself to be patient and kind I changed my relationship status So did she in her Facebook page, unfriended me She was ignoring and I was stalking Until she begged me to get back Be in her life again But again, I was living in the land of dream; obstinate I listened to “I should go” And so I did I walked away far And when I looked back Nothing was left Even her phone number was gone I would have remembered her number But she had 3 cells Got me confused, and I was dumbfounded My heart was mystified Until she began teasing me With the missed calls Emotions came back inundating So did her number I never lost; I always remembered her Ncell number Sometimes she went overboard calling in the midnightAnd it was "Oops another missed call" for her Then, I realized it was all fun and games for her Right from the beginning And I didn’t need another red To know I had made the right decision Even when I was living as the king of my world Again, I put my headphones on and let it take me To the world, where I was the king I listened to “Drop in the ocean” But praying for her and me being together Was like wishing for rain in the desert After enduring such trauma Life hit me hard I came back to reality I can’t keep up with TVD songs these days Let alone watch the episode twice And surf for those moments of fantasy My Twitter account is dry without the TVD tweets Now, I am rigid I wish I was that vulnerable again Now I know that ignorance is bliss Because life stands in the way of fantasy Overwhelming with hundreds of new song Which I can’t catch up with But I shouldn’t worry a thing I am “mature”, “grown up” and “responsible” now Who has to own his misery And put aside the fantasy...