Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Donate Your Blood for a Reason, Let the Reason be Life

By Ashmita Thapa

Blood donation is certainly a selfless service to humankind. A needy is helped and a life is saved by every pint of blood you donate. Transfusion of blood every year saves millions of life all over the world. The Social Service Club at DWIT conducted a blood donation program on February 13th, Friday. All of the donors seemed happy and proud.

First, DWIT News team asked the president of the Social Service Club, Pankaj K.C., a few questions and then to the donors. Here’s what we got:

Why blood donation campaign?

“I am highly inclined towards social service. I want to help people in every possible way. Many people die due to lack of blood every year. We are organizing it in a small scale to help at least few of them. Our Umesh Dai (driver at DWIT) had to call every one personally in the college to donate some blood to save his relative. Then the idea of organizing the blood donation campaign struck me. I wanted to organize a blood donation campaign to help people like them,” says Pankaj K.C (President of Social Service Club). He adds, “I want to conduct this program in every three to four months."

Where will the blood go?

“The donated blood will be stored in the blood bank of the Red Cross Society,” mentioned K.C.

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Now, let's read the donors' opinions:

“Rakta daan, Jeewandaan. I am donating blood for the first time. I am feeling very happy to be able to contribute something to help people!” - Sayal Vaidhya (Member of Media Club)

“I am very excited as this is my first time. I am definitely going to donate again. This feels awesome.” - Asmit Prasai (Member of DeerExpress Club)

“Blood is the most precious thing in this world a human being have. .If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life. I am feeling very excited as I am going to donate blood. This is my first time. I shall donate time and again.” - Navaraj Kharel (Editor at DWIT News)

“I am a bit healthy so it was difficult to find my nerves. The nurse pierced the fierce needle in my delicate skin for few times. Finally, my vein was found. I could feel the rush of my blood oozing. Then the packet was filled. I am feeling good now. This was my second time and I shall continue it. This type of programs must be conducted frequently.” - Kundan Sumsher Rana (Editor at DWIT News)

“I was feeling very nervous when I was standing in the queue. This is my second time but still when I see the needle I get nervous. After donating I felt relieved of nervousness and the tension. It really feels good.” - Bimal Gaire (Co-editor in Chief at DWIT News)

“Well it is my ninth time so I am feeling normal. I donate blood once a year.” - Prajwol Shakya (Employee at Deerwalk Services)

“I was a bit nervous. This is my second time. It is a good initiative taken by the Social Service Club to save lives. It is helpful for the donors as it filters the blood, which is necessary for a healthy body. After donation I felt the self-satisfaction within.” - Sunil Lamsal (President of Book Club)

“I am feeling slight pain, nervousness, excitement and many more as it is my first time. I cannot express that feeling right now. I am feeling happy to be able to donate my blood for a good cause. Hope this could save somebody’s life.” - Prayush Shrestha (Member of DeerExpress Club)

Do you feel you don’t have much to offer? You have the most precious resource of all: the ability to save a life by donating blood! Help share this invaluable gift with someone in need.

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Book Club, Media Club, DeerExpress Club, Social Service Club are four of the thirteen clubs functioning at DWIT.