Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

The Story of My Life...

By Shreha Regmi

Photo Collage: Shreha Regmi "I can hear her screaming. I think it's my mom who's crying. I'm finally coming out, YaY! I'm going to see the whole world." And...I finally do. Every child starts to cry when he or she comes into this world, and so did I. But why did my voice sound so different? It sounds like howling. And then, I finally realize, I'm a dog. I get a glimpse of my tired mom, oh she's beautiful. She has got big, black, beautiful eyes; it was like there were so many secrets hidden behind them. She was amazing; she had a bushy tail, big ears and oh boy, I am so lucky to have her as my mother. I was not alone, I had 4 brothers. But, I was my mummy's little girl. We would play together for hours; we would sleep together and eat together. We had a caring master, he loved my mom very much, he loved us and so did we. One day as we were playing, I heard the loud noise of sirens and I got very scared. All of us were scared, so we went and hid under mom. There were people, and they were taking our master away from us. I tried to go and see, but mom wouldn't let me. Then that night we came to know that he was no more. He didn't have any kids, and his home was taken by other people. They kicked us out from there. We all were together, me, my mom, and my brothers. One day mom went in search for food, all were eagerly waiting for our food, and as she was returning, we saw a big truck ran her over. She was screaming and crying in pain. All of us ran towards her, we were begging for everyone to help, begging to god not to take our mother away from us. But there was no one who came to help. If only people came to help, then I think that my mom would have lived. That day, I understood  how ruthless the world is, and how selfish and mean people can be. After that incident, I lost my mom, my home, everything. Everyone went in search of food and never came back, even my brothers. And then one day, I heard my stomach grumble for food. There I saw a meat shop. There were big dogs sitting around there, but they didn't hurt me. Instead, they gave me a little piece of their food and I was able to suppress my hunger for a while. I was never able to eat a full meal from the day my mom died. I went everywhere in search for food but every time, I would eat something small from garbage and come back. Everyone comes alone in this world, and this is the reason everyone is always alone here. Those dogs were like brothers to me, but even they left. I still do not know whether they died, or are still out there somewhere. I was alone, and I had to live, I would sneak into the meat shops and eat the bad meat. It tasted great, and I was living my life this way. As I grew up, other dogs approached towards me. It was hard for me to chase them for I was too weak to fight. But still, I always ran away if I could. Even I got the chance to be a mother, but my kids died too early. Looks like there is no God for a dog! There is only one for the so-called human beings. I was always alone, my life till now I'm alone. I once had a family, a loving mom, brothers, a home, safety and shelter, but I lost everything. People hit me, and I cried for hours. There were other dogs who used to sympathize with me, but was that really enough? Whenever people saw me, they used to tell, "Aww this dog, I pity her. How could people be so cruel and hit her? Why doesn't anyone take her in? She would be beautiful if someone would do so!" But they would only say, if they cared so much then why didn't they take me in? Why couldn't they feed me? But they are people, they always say and not do what they say. It's been 10 years, and I'm too old to run and sneak around shops in search of food. I have had way too much garbage and now I just cannot walk anymore. I'm too weak. I have no hair left on my body, and I look disgusting. Well at least that's what people call me nowadays. A life in hell, the wonderful earth has turned into hell, and now I'm about to leave this world and head out for the beautiful heaven that lies over the clouds and the mountains. I'll finally meet my mom and cuddle with her. I will also meet my master and there, we all can live happily ever after!!