Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

Documentary Club screens “Millionaire Gaming Prodigies: Welcome to eSports"

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

On 3rd December, 2015, The Documentary/Movie Club of DWIT screened a documentary video titled “Millionaire Gaming Prodigies: Welcome to eSports”. It was the first time the Lhotse hall seemed so crowded. This was because for the first time all the 5 batches of DWIT had come together. It was the first such gathering that the batch of 2019 had attended since their arrival at DWIT. They all seemed very excited.

The documentary was about how computer gaming is increasing day by day and how computer gamers are becoming millionaires by playing games. Every year computer game competitions are held in different parts of the world where the prize is hundreds of thousands of Dollars. There are many people who cosplay by dressing like the character of the games. The number of fans of computer games is increasing day by day. The video shown depicts that there are many people in the world who are choosing computer games as a profession. They spend most of the time playing online games. In some countries like South Korea, computer gaming has become like an addiction. Most of the young people seem to spend time playing games. This may be why researchers are comparing computer gamers to addicts. If a person spends too much time playing games, they are sent to a rehabilitation center to stop these habits. This video shows how computer gaming is negatively impacting the development of the country.

While watching this video, students of the batch of 2019 started to exit the hall. The students of DWIT should learn that they can't leave until any program has ended. If they don't follow the rule, then there will be many consequences they have to face from the college administration.