Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Documentary, Movie, and Dramatics Club Organize Open Screening Session Six

By Sweekriti Gautam

  Documentary, Movie, and Dramatics Club organized Movie Screening session six on July 6, 2017. Two short movies were screened in this session: Dothyng | Samarpan and a music video directed by Aakash Poudel. Dothyng focused on stopping open air defecation and Samarpan showed a soldier's sacrifice which is immeasurable and profound. The patient, consistent, and hard work that the club has made is gradually paying off. Though the club was not sure about the success of this event as they were trying it for the first time, the gradual increase in the number of audiences indicates their success. There were around 60 audiences including the students from DWIT, employees from DSS and Deerwalk Services. The screening was followed by an interactive session with Mr. Aakash Poudel. He actively addressed the audience clearing all their queries. Mr. Poudel shared the experience and difficulties he faced in the journey of filmmaking. He also talked about the approach of Nepali filmmaking. Nepal's Kollywood film industry is relatively undeveloped and relies on the resources from Bollywood. Mr. Poudel pointed out the weakness of the Nepali films and the reasons behind it. In spite of the fact that competing with the Bollywood and Hollywood industry is still a far-fetched dream, the gains are bound to be higher if the Nepali filmmakers are able to target the right audience. The young directors are ready to take a risk with different storylines which show the possibility to bridge the gap between the audience who religiously watch Nepali films and the one who opt for Hollywood and Bollywood films. The club has been providing a platform to promote the Nepali films so that the audience can understand the Nepali film industry more closely.