Sun, 26 May, 2024

A Documentary : How Did the Earth Change History?

By Sabin Pathak

DWIT is different than other colleges. It has provided many opportunities to students to learn and explore their ideas and views by conducting many extracurricular activities. Generally on every Thursday, there are new guests to share their experiences, ideas and views among the students at DWIT. The DeerExpress Club conducts such programs. But on Dec 11, 2014, there seemed to be something different. The DeerExpress Club, in collaboration with Documentary/Movie Club, came up with a new idea to have documentary show this past Thursday. Many students were surprised when they were invited to gather in Lhotse Hall at 10:40A.M via email to watch a documentary show. All students gathered and the program started at 10:50A.M. At the beginning of program, two students from batch-2018 entertained us by singing songs. The main event, the documentary show started at 11:00A.M and lasted for about 40 minutes. The title of the documentary was “How the Earth changed history”. The documentary was full of interesting facts about how the earth became a suitable environment for us, human beings. Impact of human activities on earth was also shown that documentary. Presently human beings are carrying out their activities in the way that degrades the environment which results in many calamities like landslide, volcanic eruption, floods and many more. This fact was also presented in that documentary. The documentary was a marvelous glimpse into how our world not only helped give birth to us but also how it nurtured us and, when we do bad things to it and how it responds in kindness to the damage we do to the environment. Finally the show gave a clear message to every viewer that we should treat our home better because we are here and without it, we're history ourselves. [caption id="attachment_3489" align="aligncenter" width="618"]Photo Credit: Sabin Pathak Photo Credit: Sabin Pathak[/caption] All the chairs at Lhotse hall were almost full at the beginning of the show. Unfortunately, after some time the situation was reversed and those same chairs in Lhotse hall were vacant. Students started exiting the hall before the show ended. So, what is happening at DWIT? It seems that many students were discarding the showing. Actually that situation was degrading the beauty of DWIT. Wasn’t that show interesting? Who was responsible for that? Being the organizer, The DeerExpress Club seemed to be responsible for that. Now, it is a challenge for the club to come up with new ideas and rules that'll make every student feel responsible to be in such programs till the end. Hoping that situation might not reoccur at DWIT from next Thursday. Nonetheless, I found the entire show interesting. Cheers to the organizers!