Sun, 26 May, 2024

Documentary Club Hosts Open Screening Session III

By Sweekriti Gautam

  Documentary, Movie, and Dramatics club came up with a completely new idea to continue the movie show session. The club has been screening Nepali short movies and documentaries filmed by the Nepali filmmakers. The support and interest shown by the audience have motivated the club to come up with new sessions and till date, the club has been successful to screen three sessions. Open Screening - Session III commenced on April 21. Three short movies भाले,  Swopna and Tilu directed by the filmmaker, actor Prem Adhikari were screened in this session. There were around 30 audiences from both DWIT and Deerwalk Services.  

"Pream Adhikari, his movies are based on philosophy and ism. So, we had doubts about the reaction of the audience. But, we got an overwhelming reaction. The overall session was amazing and it was a wonderful experience for us as an organizer. I would like to thank all the audience and guest for their wonderful support," Dipal Malla, Vice-President
The screening session was followed by an interaction session with the actor. There were some queries from the audience as the movies shown were based on the philosophy which provided a different taste to the audience and created many queries. Actor Adhikari discoursed the queries of the audience and also shared his opinions and experience about the movie. The session ended up to be more interactive and effective than it was expected to be. The session was followed by a special premier of the movie, The Macist by DWIT students which got a lot of appreciation. [caption id="attachment_16391" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]open-screening-2 Audience Interacting with Prem Adhikari[/caption] The club has been providing a great opportunity to the audience to understand the Nepali film industry through the direct interactions with the Nepali filmmakers and also enjoy different types of films. The club has obviously created an environment for the promotion of Nepali films and also has made an attempt in bridging the gap between the audience and the filmmakers. We hope that the club will continue the open screening session so that the audience can get the closer to the artistic vision of the filmmakers and enjoy the different form of movies and documentaries at the same time.