Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Documentary Club Continue Open Screening With Session IV

By Sweekriti Gautam

Documentary, Movie and Dramatics Club came up with a new idea to screen the Nepali short movies and documentaries in every two weeks. The first open screening commenced on February 2017 and the club has been successful to conduct four sessions till date. The club was not sure about the success of this event as they were trying it for the first time. The response and support from the audience encouraged the club to continue the session and they are planning to screen a full movie in the next session. The club has been bringing a gradual change in every session. In the second session, the club invited a filmmaker outside of Deerwalk, Mr. Nawa Shrestha. The second session gave a better experience than the first session as the audience could understand and analyze the Nepali film industry more closely through the artistic vision of the filmmaker. The open screening session III that commenced on April 21 screened three short movies भाले,  Swopna and Tilu directed by the filmmaker, actor Prem Adhikari. The documentary club has been introducing a different genre of film to the audience in each session. In this session, the audience got a chance to enjoy the film based on philosophy and ism. On May 19, Documentary Club organized Movie Screening - Session Four. Three movies Nature Never Forgives, Graphene and Aahal by filmmaker Sankar Dhital were shown.  These films were based on the impacts of negative actions on nature, creativity and time narration respectively. Dhital has successfully won many awards for his short film. The club has been bringing the filmmakers and the audience closer through its different sessions and also has been screening different genre of films in each session. In spite of the fact that competing with the Bollywood and Hollywood industry is still a far-fetched dream, the filmmakers have been creating their own idea of storytelling rather than copying the foreign films. The sessions conducted by the Documentary Club encourages the interaction between the audience and filmmakers which has been helping the audience to clear their queries and understand the artistic visions of the filmmakers and also has helped the filmmakers to understand their room for improvement. They can strive for the best to uplift the Nepali film industry through this.