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Documentary Club Conduct Special Open Screening Session

By Sweekriti Gautam

Photo: Documentary Movie and Dramatics
Documentary, Movie and Dramatics Club in collaboration with Media Club organized a Special Open Screening Session on July 20, 2017. All the One-Shot Movies submitted to Media Club were screened in this session. Following movies submitted by six different teams were screened in this session:
  1. Yash Katha Ka Patra Haru Kalpanik Hun: Bunny Production
  2. End=Beginning: Subham and Team
  3. Dhuwa: Team Bazinga
  4. Help: The Dazed
  5. In Time: ASF Shorts
  6. The Revolutionists: The Evolutionists
"One short movie is a creative way of showing once talent by shooting the whole movie in a one take no cuts what so ever." - Media and Creative Arts Club The judges for this event were Milan Lohani and the Media and Creative Arts Club. END=Begining by KM GROUP [Team Members: Aawaj Shrestha, Jubindra Kc, Sunita Kunwar, Subham Dhakal] were declared as the winner of ONE SHOT MOVIE COMPETITION - Season 2. They scored a total of 93.594 points which was based 40% on the number of votes received and 60% of the judges' score. The winning team was handed a cash prize of Rs. 2500. "It is a sort of time travel element. We see these events while the time is being reversed." Subham Dhakal, leader- KM Group End=Begining is a unique one shot movie directed by KM Group. It showcases a different style of storytelling. The elements in the movie are viewed in a reverse chronology which perfectly portrays the story of a depressed student who committed suicide. The film goes backward and forward in time to depict the harsh step taken by the student. After some editing, it appears normal, seamless and mind blowing. According to the filmmakers, the movie can be interpreted in various ways. All viewers have their own interpretation to the movie. The session was attended by the DWIT student and employees from Deerwalk Inc. The Special Open Screening Session was followed by an interactive session with the audience in which the participating groups addressed all the queries of the audience. DWIT News would like to congratulate the winning team.