Fri, 24 May, 2024

Documentary Club Conduct Open Screening Session VIII

By Sweekriti Gautam

Photo: Documentary, Movie and Dramatics Club
Documentary, Movie, and Dramatics club organized Open Screening Session VIII on August 22.  Three Short Movies by film maker Prabesh Poudel were screened in this session: Singhadurbar, Calf love, and Saanti. Prabesh Poudel beautifully portrays the current scenario prevailing in the society through his short films. He has done several short films and worked as script supervisor, scriptwriter, and assistant director in several feature films. Calf love is one of his most appreciated films. The film depicts the ups and downs of the teenage love affair. It portrays the trouble that the young couple has after having physical relation due to infatuation,  caste and class difference. The movie ends with no any solid conclusion. The fictional film Singhadurbar depicts the mental illness caused by politics. The party leaders fail to follow the principle of the party after they enter the parliament. An activist of Maoist party, injured during the ten-year long civil war begins his journey to meet his leader in Singha Durbar to fight for the party's principles. It depicts how the political leaders move away from their responsibility after they get into their position. The session was attended by DWIT students and staffs from Deerwalk Services. Overall, the session was interactive as it was followed by an interactive session with the film maker. Mr. Poudel addressed the queries of the audience effectively and was actively involved during the session. Every year documentary film makers come to Nepal to capture the rich cultural heritage and diversity. Breathtaking sceneries, cultural diversities add up tremendous opportunities for the Nepali film industry. It only lags behind to utilize these resources to improve the quality of the cinema. Most of the Nepali films nowadays are a copy of Bollywood and have no story line. So, the presentation of the film in a simple way that everyone can relate to as done by Mr. Poudel leads to the higher standards of the Nepali film in upcoming future.