Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Discovering Myself as a Pluviophile

By Utkrista K.C.

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Rainy season is back again whistling all around. The situation gets problematic if we walk out of our houses without umbrella or raincoats. There is no certainty about weather nowadays. Sometimes it gets so hot and in a few minutes, the rays of the sun slowly fade away inviting dark clouds to shroud the sky. Finally, droplets of rain pour down on the earth. This rainfall, however, does not last long though it seems to.

I love rain. My fluctuating mood sometimes insists me to go out in the rain and get wet, but sometimes I just like to watch rain pouring down and just stay thinking. Few years back, I was staying alone at my house. Back then, I was going through many problems at a time. As I was staying alone that day, suddenly, I heard thunderstorms and it started raining heavily. Many things went through my mind making my eyes sparkle with tears. Slowly, tears fell down through my cheeks and suddenly on my desk. That day, I literally spent the entire rainfall thinking. That rainfall was able to pour me down with itself. For me, the environment after rainfall seems to be reviving. That day as well, I got refreshed after the rainfall. It seemed as if my heavy heart was lightened by rainfall since it was successful to make my eyes watery.

Likewise, I also remember another day. On that day, I and my friend Pradikshya were returning back from college. We had our exams and it was our last examination day. We were not allowed to carry bags during our examination and so we both had pencil cases and long scale in our hands. We were walking through narrow roads of Patan. Suddenly, it started raining heavily. The last day of exam was somehow a day of celebration. I don’t know if that was a crazy idea to keep scales on our ties and make it firm somewhere inside, keep our pencil cases in our pant pockets, and start enjoying the rain. Even today, when I still think about that time, I just smile cherishing that moment.

Again, I happen to remember another wonderful rainy day of my life. I feel that I was the craziest one out there. I was with my elder sister and my friend, Rakshya. We were returning back from City Centre. It was about 8’o clock. We reached the bus stop and waited for the bus. After sometime, we reached Anamnagar. Then, a few minutes later I felt some water droplets falling on my head, slowly reaching my face and then my whole body. We were worried about how we would even manage to pass such a situation. But instead of grumbling all around, we started singing and dancing. From that place we, me and my sister, had to go with Rakshya accompanying her till Buddhanagar. For that, we had to walk through the side of Bagmati River as it was the shortest distance to reach that place. The splashing water went all over our clothes but at that time nothing bothered us. We just did what came to our minds. No hesitation, no awkwardness, the three bathroom singers turned out to be rock stars at that time. People unknown to us must have surely thought of us as drunkards. Water had completely made us wet. Though we reached home late, I still cherish that time and I feel myself alive when I think about that time.

Nowadays, the scenario has changed. I have to carry laptop in my bag. Though the season is rainy, I cannot run out to the rain as I always tempt in protecting my laptop. These days, I am not being able to enjoy the rain in the way I want to.

Finally, if you are still reading this article then thanks a lot to you. I actually had no idea of any topics on opinion so I had chosen to wander all around. I was just entangling you by sharing my cherishing moments. Thank you for your time!