Sun, 26 May, 2024

Discipline: The Utmost Necessity For A Human

By Raju Shrestha

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There are so many things a person should have; the only thing which differs one person from another is character or behavior. Here character means a way of being honest, obedient, dutiful, hard-working and strict followers of rules, regulation, social values and norms. It is the process of controlling one's character or behavior through learning, self-motivation or experience. For this, discipline is important. Life without discipline becomes worthless. Discipline plays a very important role not only uplifting one's life but ultimately helping to build the nation.

Discipline is equally important for all. If we wish to have a successful and happy life, we must be disciplined which comes from learning how to behave. Everyone likes a person with a good character. Possessing good character earns us love, respect, and trust from our colleagues. Discipline makes us efficient which in turn saves time, labor and money making our life happy and prosperous.

Being disciplined is a necessity for students as it plays a significant role in each and every step of their lives. It serves as the main pillar of their lives making them more efficient, self-sufficient, versatile and diligent. One should respect, obey their teachers and seniors and know how to love their juniors. One must follow the rules and regulations of their school and college. Those who violate the rules cannot be regarded as a good student or colleague. On the same topic, it  is also necessary for teachers to have good discipline; without discipline, they cannot be considered as good teachers.

Disciplined personnel with the right skills are in demand everywhere. So discipline is one of the major keys to success to all human beings.