Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Different Layers: A Fantasy

By Shreha Regmi

A world! A world with different layers. And the layers? The layers are none other than the different layers of our earth’s atmosphere. Have you ever wondered that the layers may not only be a place where there is presence of carbon, ozone, cold air and other gasses? Everyone has imagination right? And why not imagine a whole lot of things rather than live in a bad reality! It is so much easier to imagine having a good time. Can you imagine a real person sitting by your side and talking to you? Try that sometimes, share everything with that imaginary friend. The idea doesn't sound bad. Coming to the layers, what if the five different layers were not just full of air? What if Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere are not what they mean? What if the small ozones and carbons or nitrogens are happiness, love and trust?  What if they were five different worlds where we could wander around and explore? Everyone could choose their favorite one and just have fun. Speaking of different worlds, everybody fantasizes about something. There usually is a place in our minds where we create our own version of the world. It could be a world full of food, different foods: from sweet to savory, from bland to spicy. It may be chocolates, pizzas, chips, or anything that you can imagine. Or it could be a world where you can explore with your friends, like a game maybe. Ever thought of going inside the games you play, it can be FIFA or Counter Strike or Dota 2 or even Angry Birds. You can fight a bad monster and save lives. The feeling you get when you save others and become a hero is wonderful.Also you could join the EPL and start your football career or be an angry bird demolishing pig castles. Then there could be a world where you can enjoy your solitude. Be alone and enjoy spending time with your loved ones, only your loved ones. It could also be a place to find your soul mate maybe. Sounds romantic! A world where you get what you wish for. You can go around wishing to do things you’ve always wanted to do. What if you could wish for the ones you’ve lost and bring them back? Why not wish for a better life? Why not wish for everyone to be happy and cheerful? Why not make a wish that will help everyone? The real world is full of misery and problems. Why not wish to erase such things and live life happily? And the last but not the least, maybe a world full of fairies and cartoons. It sounds similar to the Disneyworld, but the characters are real this time not people in costumes. What if we could be Cinderella and Belle? Everyone wishes for a happily ever after right? This may be the place you are longing for. If you are a small kid, you would love to spend your time with Doraemon or Ninja Hattori or Power Rangers. There is also SpongeBob and Pooh Bear. What if life was always “Hakuna Matata” or “Believe in yourself”? These worlds may not be your fantasy world. There is a whole lot left to imagination. You can imagine your own worlds. Those five layers could turn out to be the best things you ever studied in your boring science class. So, live on. Imagine. Act all weird and go crazy with your imagination. At least it won't let you down, not now, not ever.