Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

Dibyesh Giri, CEO of Smart Tech Solution Shares his Entrepreneurial Story

By Subham Joshi

Photo: Documentary Movie and Dramatics
Deerexpress Club in collaboration with Documentary, Movies and Dramatics Club organized a Deertalk session with Mr. Dibyesh Giri, CEO of Smart Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd as the speaker. In the session, he shared his past experiences in the field of IT industry and gave some advice regarding how to sustain startups. The program started with the warm welcome to Mr. Dibyesh Giri. Mr. Giri started his talk sharing his past in the field of IT as a startup. In his talk, he said he did all the things that as startups would do and made lots of mistakes and those mistakes only brought him to this level. Mr. Giri described Civil CAD as his company’s major software which was mainly focused on the civil engineers. It took them about two years to complete the project but completing this project was not a major problem for this, the main problem was to sell the software in the market. In that talk session, he made the students realize that coding is not a major problem for a programmer, the main problem is to do marketing. Mr. Giri's suggestion for the students who want to be an entrepreneur was to form a group of people with different abilities. In his view, most of the startups fail because most of them form a group with all the coders as people think coding is only the most important thing. Finally, the Deertalk ended with a short Q/A session and Mr. Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer of DWIT, provided him with a token of love.