Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Dhamala: Working His Way Up Through Hatred

By Amun Kharel

Picture By: DWIT News

There are two kinds of famous people in the world: ones who are genuinely talented and widely appreciated and then those who are hated and have some weird genetic condition and pathology. Rishi Dhamala, according to the majority of Nepalese, falls in the second category. Dhamala has been grabbing headlines with his talk show ‘Dhamala KO Hamala’ which airs on Himalayan Television.

If not the most hated TV show on the planet, it is the most hated talk show in Nepal. In a week, the talk show’s recent video had over 100 thousand views on YouTube and over a thousand dislikes. Still, there is a saying, “Any publicity is good publicity.” His interview with Priyanka Karki was another example of why the man is such a hated personality. The reason why Dhamala is hated is because of his rude presence on the talk show. Also, he interrupts the guest trying to prove his own point. Dhamala is rude, uncivil, presumptuous and audacious, and likes to pry into the personal life of the guests on the talk show.

A person merely sharing acquaintances with such a celebrity actor was peeking into the most personal details of her life in an exclusive broadcast. Not only was he peeking, he was forcing Priyanka to tell if she will ever get back with her ex-husband. He thought he was being sarcastic about it. Obviously, Priyanka didn’t find it funny. She was uncomfortably trying to force her way out of the conversation. He asked questions that could damage the image and career of a celebrity, but Priyanka dealt with it as a real professional, so there was no fuss.

Here's the video of the interview.

Often people question whether Dhamala is genuinely mad, or if he is just working his way through hatred. Anyhow, the guy is a genius. He is paying his own bills, he is the most wanted TV host, and he doesn't care a bit. He is an example of a guy who could sleep at night with all the hatred in the world and still be so rad about it.