Sun, 26 May, 2024

Delightful Evening with RAW RHYTHMS - Music Club!

By Utkrista K.C.

Photo: Performers getting ready for Raw Rhythms

All photos by Sharun Sangat

It is said that communication from head to head is through words, but communication from heart to heart is through music and songs. Yes! Music has a power to heal even a broken heart. It has the power to move one’s feeling. It is able to make one sway along with it and make one dive into the ocean of deep thoughts. Yes! It’s music, music and only music.

On 21st August 2015, DWIT Music Club organized a musical performance named “Raw Rhythms” which mesmerized everyone who attended. It was organized in Nupse hall. The program started at 5:15 PM and lasted for about an hour.

“Hello ….check check!!” Anmol Shrestha was the host for that evening. The program started off with an instrumental performance by Bishal Timalsina and Shibesh Duwadi. It was a mind blowing kick-off for the evening. They were followed by Dipesh Bhandari’s “Nachaaheko hoina tmilai.” His song itself depicted the pain of a lover; his melodious voice was able to grip everyone’s attention. Then, it was the turn of Pema Tamang and Abhishek Khatiwada to perform “Biswas Gara.” It was their first time performing, but they were able to touch the hearts of everyone in the audience, and encouraged the attendees to participate in the program. Moreover, a song with a strong feel, “All I want,” was sung by one of a wonderful singer and member of Music club, Umang R. Gurung.

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Before the last performance, Pratik Budathoki stood up and made us dive into the rhythmic flow of “Bistarai Bistarai.” His performance made the audience get into the feeling of love. Finally, Anmol Shrestha, Bishal Timalsina and Umang Gurung gave a special performance on the song “Right next to you.” Two students of DWIT, Shibesh Duwadi and Ashmita Thapa, composed this song. It was performed in such a way that it made the audience think the song could not only be composed, but also presented artistically by the people around them.

Thus, live musical performances made the evening delightful and made us forget the stress of the entire week.

Cheers to the Music Club!