Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Deerwalkers Hike to Manakamana

By Ruby Shrestha

On 22nd June, 2014, the Hiking Club of DWIT organized hike to Manakamana Temple, situated around 12 km south of the Gorkha town of Nepal. There were a total of 34 students from Batch 2017 participating in the hike. They were led by the hike coordinators, Anish Dhakal and Alien Khadka, students of Batch 2017, and by Surendra Adhikari, the campus chief. The campus chief’s family accompanied the students on the trip as special guests. The hikers left the college premises at 5:30 am in the college bus. The route that the bus followed was from Gaushala to Gyaneshwor to Ghantagar to Chakrapath, then Kalanki and finally towards Manakamana, picking up some hikers on the way. It took around 5 and half hours to reach the Manakamana Cable Car Station, Gorkha from Gaushala, Kathmandu. It took more time than the hikers had expected to reach the place where the hike would start. One of the hike coordinators, Anish Dhakal, said, “It took us more time than expected to reach the starting place of our hike since we stopped on the way for our breakfast. Traffic congestion also took up some time.” The hikers started their climb at around 11:00 am and after 5 hours of hiking, everyone had reached the Manakamana Temple. The hikers had to walk through 2 hills to get to the temple. Some hikers had relatively more stamina. So, they reached the temple quite earlier than other group of hikers who were comparatively slow. One of the hikers said, “Climbing up-hill is tedious. Some parts of the hill are really steep. I hope I last till the end (laughs).” There was a lack of water on the way. Thirst and hunger made the climb even tougher. At 4:00 pm, the tired and hungry hikers had their lunch after worshipping in the temple. Since majority of the hikers were already exhausted, the hike coordinators decided to return downhill through cable car. Everyone reached downhill at around 5:15 pm and the return trip started at about 5:25 pm. The bus returned to the college at 9:30 pm dropping some hikers on the way.