Sun, 26 May, 2024

Deerwalkers Entertain With Futsal

By Anish Thakuri

Photo : Players playing at the Futsal Photo Courtesy : Prajjwal Sthapit On 12th April, 2015, The Sports Club of DWIT organized a Futsal event. The game was held in Bouddha Futsal Arena.  With a very few number of the participants, it was difficult for the club to manage the game at first. Then the number of players increased gradually and the game started to progress in smooth fashion. The event lasted for the 2 hours, which kicked off from 12 PM and ended at 2 PM. Since there were only few players, no one had to wait on the bench for their turn to play.  The players were divided into the 2 teams; Red and Yellow, with 5 men on each team. The Red team included Suman Thapa, Prabin Rai, Anil Lama, Sushant Gurung & Sanjay Rimal whereas, the Yellow team included Sankhar Koirala, Pratik Budathoki, Anish Thakuri, Prajjwal Sthapit and Ashish Bikram Lamichane. At first it was difficult for both teams to score the opening goal. The game remained 0-0 for nearly 15 minutes. After a while, Suman Thapa broke the deadlock and provided the lead for his team. But the yellow team made an immediate response after Sankhar Koirala’s powerful shot went straight inside the back of the nets to balance the game. Team Red had controlled the tempo of the game. They took the lead of 4 goals inside the first quarter. The trio of Suman, Prabin & Anil made the job difficult for team yellow’s defense. But, as the game progressed, team Yellow responded well. The heroics from Shankar and Pratik gave the team a real boost. Team Yellow began to lead the game. They had extended the lead to 5 goals at one point of the game. Throughout the game team Yellow maintained their position and controlled the grip of the game. The team Red was outplayed by team Yellow’s attacking. So with a 10 minutes remaining on the clock, team Yellow had a lead of 3 goals. But the Reds were back into the game after a gutsy performance from their talisman, Suman Thapa. At last the game ended in favor of the Reds; they won the game by a margin of 3 goals. After the match ended, the club's vice president, Prajjwal Sthapit said “We are delighted for successfully conducting this event. I would like to thank the participants for co-operating with us.” He also added that sports club will always organize such exciting events in near future. The Hero of the game, Suman Thapa said, “It feels really good to contribute for your team. I had some decent touch and the game went into our favor. Delighted at our win!”