Sun, 26 May, 2024

Deerwalkers Enjoy Their Annual Fest

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Photo: A group of performers playing musical instruments during Deerwalk Annual Fest 2015 Photo Courtesy: Kanchan R. Pandey

Deerwalk Annual Fest, which is organized by Deerwalk Services every year, is a day when employees of Deerwalk showcase their talents via their performances. This year, the Fest was held on 6th March, in one of the reputed hotels, Soltee Crown Plaza. The program started at 3:00 pm. However, all the participants had already arrived at the venue at 10 am for practicing on site. The audiences arrived later at 2:30 pm.

In this event, the administrative members of DWIT were invited. However, DWIT interns of Deerwalk Services, who used to be invited until previous year, weren’t invited this time. One of the interns mentioned, “The reason behind the absence of invitation this time may be the regular classes that were ongoing that day or may be the increase in the number of interns in 2015.” Hence none of the students of DWIT were able to attend the Fest, except the nine students, who were invited to perform in the event because of their exceptional performances in DeerUtsav 1.0 which had impressed everyone. There were a total of 20 performances in the event.

The program started with the presentation of the President at Deerwalk Inc., Jeff Gasser, which was about some of the funny pictures of the year. Further, the Executive Chairman at Deerwalk Inc., Rudra Pandey, gave a presentation which was then followed by the dances, instrumental music and other performances. All the participants gave their best and the audience really liked the performances. One of the attendees of the event said, “Their performances really showed the hard work that they’ve put into practice.” After the 9th performance, which was a dance by the students of the DWIT, Nikita Gautam and Ashmita Kuwar, on the song “Mohani Lagla Hai”, the participants and the audiences were given a tea break. Ashmita Kunwar said, “It was fun showcasing our talent in front of the employees of Deerwalk company. A new experience indeed!”

[caption id="attachment_5147" align="aligncenter" width="472"] Photo: Ashmita Kunwar and Nikita Gautam performing
Photo Courtesy: Kanchan R. Pandey[/caption]

After the tea break was over, the program started with a drama which was about the incidents in Deerwalk Services. Anil Kumar, one of the audiences, remarked, “The drama can be considered as the voices of the employees to improve some of the areas of Deerwalk.” The drama was followed by other performances. One of the other performers from DWIT, Shankar Koirala, said, "I had never thought that I could perform in front of those many people and it was a good chance to know more about the people of Deerwalk." Moreover, before the dinner and the dance party, the last performance was a comedy dance. The hard work put into practice by the participants was indeed fruitful.

The day was a success.