Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

The Deerwalker Club Releases Volume III of The Deerwalker Magazine

By Ankit Pradhan

The third volume of The Deerwalker magazine was released on April 7th, 2014. The magazine contains various categories of articles. There are creative writings, reviews, information about different IT trend, articles from members of Deerwalk Services and also message from the Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari, and an article from the Chairman, Rudra Pandey. The cornerstone of The Deerwalker Club was laid down around a year and a half ago by some of the students of batches 2015 and 2016 who formed the editorial team. The motive of the club was to publish a college magazine on its own, the name of which was decided to be “The Deerwalker” as suggested by Kshitiz Banjade of Batch 2016. Earlier, the club used to publish one issue of the magazine per semester. However, now it has taken an initiative to publish two issues per semester. Till date, the club has published a total of three volumes of The Deerwalker magazine. Among those, the first was in paper form and the second was in digital form. The third volume, which is the latest one, is currently in digital form, but soon it is going to have hard copy replicas. As said by one of the editors of the club, Ruby Shrestha, the preparation for the third issue of the magazine had started towards the mid-December. So, it took around 3 and a half month for the club to come up with the third issue. The editor in chief, Bhawana Dahal, said, “Like for every issue, a plan was made right away in the first meeting of the club for the third issue as well. The plan had deadlines fixed for every intermediate task which would finally affect the production of the third Deerwalker issue. Preplanning and frequent meetings helped us come up with a newer and better issue. This third issue has set a benchmark for the club as it is the best issue that the club has ever come up with.” She added, "All the members of the club are creditable, especially the designers who have given their best though they weren’t quite familiar with designing. If everyone had not done their share of work properly, this issue would not have been a better one." The sign of significant improvement reflected by the third issue impressed the Director of Academics of DWIT, Hitesh Karki, notably. He has decided to publish each issue of the magazine in printed form from this issue on. Further, the members of the club were able to earn themselves a treat from the director as a token of appreciation for their hard work. For additional information, contact: Bhawana Dahal, Editor-In-Chief – The Deerwalker; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 4-485424.