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Deerwalk Teaching Fellowship Program: All You Need to Know

By Sweekriti Gautam

Deerwalk Teaching Fellowship Orientation Program
After the completion of the four-year B.SC CSIT course, the second batch of DWIT is leaving for nine different districts of Nepal as a part of Deerwalk Teaching Fellowship Program. A total of 19 students were selected for the program this year. They will tentatively departure on April 21, 2017. An orientation session was conducted on April 19 facilitated by Major Lil Bahadur Gurung, MBE. Last year, four graduates went to Syangja on April 8, 2016. The main objective of the program was to enhance the computer skills of the students and teachers of the targeted public schools.  The DWIT graduates guided the students on the subjects which they found difficult and taught them to utilize the resources available on the internet and also provided knowledge about hardware and software.
"We were welcomed into the friendly land by the warm-hearted people. Though it was a difficult task to teach the students and teacher the basic knowledge about the computer, we had a great time and enjoyed sharing the knowledge. The program taught us to be pragmatic and adaptive," Shankhar Koirala '15, Deerwalk Teaching Fellow 2016
The participants were assigned the following schools last year: Shree Sarbodaya Higher Secondary School, Aruchaur – 2, Syangja Shree Daraun Higher Secondary School, Daraun – 9, Syangja Shree Ghante Higher Secondary School, Aruchaur – 3, Syangja Shree Jana Higher Secondary School, Rapakot – 9, Syangja The college has brought a slight change this year, it has decided to cover many districts of Nepal so the graduates are going to nine different districts. The second batch of graduating students are assigned the following schools for the teaching fellowship:
S.N. District Name of the School Name of student
1 Khotang Gangodaya School Kundan Rana
Sanjeev Mainali
2 Dhading Machindra School Suryaraj Timsina
3 Khotang Youme Nepal School Anish Thakuri
Sujan Chauhan
4 Bhojpur Kalika School Krishna Chauhan
Ashish Lamichane
5 Lamjung Budhodaya School Pankaj K.C.
Anil Parajuli
6 Kavre Shree Bhagawati Higher Secondary School Arun Tamang
7 Parbat Shree Mahindra Jyoti Higher Secondary School Anju Shahi
8 Syanjga Shree Jana High school/ Shree Ghante High school Sagar Giri
Asmita Bista
Shree Gaun Farka Lower secondary school/ Shree Janahit High school Anil Lama
Prajjwal Sthapit
9 Ilam Fikal School Bidish Acharya
"The main expectation from this program is to be able to share the knowledge I have about computer to the students and to successfully integrate the technology into their classroom environment. The main goal of the program is to design a website for the school and establish at least two clubs in each school," Prajjwal Sthapit '16, Deerwalk Teaching Fellow 2017
The teaching fellowship program involves life skills that go beyond the classroom knowledge and the participants carry these skills further in their career and life. It provides an opportunity to explore the real-life problems faced by people from different corners of the country which ultimately broadens the wisdom. DWIT intents in the growth of the students by not just focusing on learning through theories but also by teaching the pragmatic approach that can be adopted in life. Edited By - Sushil Awale