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Deerwalk Social Welfare Network: The Effort Continues...

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Part II

The following are the actions taken by DWSWN from 4th May to 9th May.

Day 8 (4th May)

[caption id="attachment_6582" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Volunteers with some food materials for distribution Volunteers with some food materials for distribution[/caption]

Members of DWIT headed towards Tudhikhel to distribute food materials and water. They went directly to Tudhikhel, and inspected the situation. Nepal army present there were handling the relief operation, and the food and water was handed over to them for distribution. They donated 14 cartons of noodles and biscuits and poured 10 jars of drinking water in collection tank. The situation looked good and everybody was provided with the basic needs.

Then, they left for Basantapur Durbar Square to inspect the situation there. They found out that the monuments were damaged and they were not allowed to enter inside the affected area. The government has banned everyone to enter. They did not find any body or organization who was managing Basantapur. Still desperately wanting to help, they moved towards Patan Durbar Square.

In Patan Durbar Square, they inquired about a cleaning operation. The government has banned people from entering there too.

Deerwalk Services held “Rapid Visual Building Assessment” training, targeting the employees who are facing problems in their building after the earthquake. The training was related to the earthquake damage evaluation and management. It was based on the information provided by NSET and Ar. Pranab Man Singh Pradhan. Pradhan is a professional architect and also a consultant at DWIT.  A total of 70 people attended the training.

Some members of Deerwalk headed to MoH. Conference Room. What they found out was that there were volunteers (Doctors / Army Personnels) from at least 25 countries. Nepal right now has almost enough medical personnel – it’s just that they have not been able to reach out to far-fledged areas even if it’s already day 8. Nepal needs medicines. A daily update to WHO control center currently stationed at MoH Conference Room was desired. Next, there was a briefing given by the Army Hospital Chief about various terrains. The Member Secretary of MoH Volunteers Group explained the needs by showing the map of affected areas. There were suggestions and questions from international groups. When asked who does not know what to do, members of Deerwalk raised their hands and were asked to talk to him later.

Day 9 (5th May)

Deerwalk received tarpaulins (100 pieces) and had yet to decide where to distribute them.

[caption id="attachment_6583" align="aligncenter" width="640"]DWSWN volunteers with some students of Bal Sarthi DWSWN volunteers with some students of Bal Sarthi[/caption]

They got a call from school nearby Jayabageswori, named 'Bal Sarathi’. It is an orphanage. There were a couple of kids there. Even though the building looked pretty stable from outside it is almost on the verge of falling down from behind. They have 100 students and it was sad to see that only few of them were around as many have been shifted to other places. When they reached there, some members of Sikh Community based in Nepal were busy making makeshift shelters using the corrugated sheets. Once again nothing has been committed yet.

Day 10 (6th May)

[caption id="attachment_6585" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Day 10: The materials to be distributed to quake victims Day 10: The materials to be distributed to quake victims[/caption]

One of the members of Deerwalk informed DWSWN that one of his relatives had lost her parents as well as her home.  Upon learning that group of students went to OM BAHAL, Kathmandu to meet the victim, who had lost her home and also members of her family. We handed the money to a member of her family. It was really saddening to hear about such loss.

Saroj Neupane, a DWSWN volunteer came back from his village in Dolakha. He told that he managed to distribute food items to 56 households. The village is one of the hard hit areas by the earthquake.

DWSWN volunteers sorted out the clothes to be distributed to Kavre. They donated a sack of rice along with cooking oil to 56 households in one of the villages of Dolakha.

Day 11 (7th May)

A team lead by Meenu K, a DWSWN volunteer, headed for remote parts of Bhaktapur. It was disturbing to see the old town of Bhaktapur destroyed. She has been actively helping her neighbors by taking a week off from her work.

She approached DWSWN due to shortage of medicines.  She had compiled a list of medicines which was bought along the way. The team distributed medicines like Cough Syrups, Sanitary Pads, Betadine, Nims, Cetamols, Bandages to two different camps. It was sad to see people suffering from skin diseases, wounds etc. The team visited two camps. It was a rainy day and it was sad to see rain dripping inside one of the tents.

[caption id="attachment_6596" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Purchasing required medicines for the earthquake victims Purchasing required medicines for the earthquake victims[/caption]

A team also left for the town of Khokana. DWSWN had received a call from the place almost right after the earthquakes. The team assessed the needs and made some monetary contributions to couple of people who had lost everything.

Day 12 (8th May)

Eight volunteers of DWSWN went to Kanakot, Naubise to provide cash relief to people who lost their houses due to the earthquake. It took considerable amount of time to complete the relief program and due to time constraint they only partially completed the distribution.

[caption id="attachment_6587" align="aligncenter" width="960"]HELP as much as YOU CAN! HELP as much as YOU CAN![/caption]

When they reached the village, they were disturbed to see the condition of the villagers. Almost all of the houses had collapsed and the villagers were living outside their houses in tents. People were cooperative and helped the team in data collection and distribution of cash. They talked to the villagers and collected the names of the villagers whose house was affected by the earthquake. There have been 60 houses registered so far. Surprisingly, three of the villagers requested them to give their part of the money to other needy people. They walked around the village to observe the houses. When they reached the top of the village, they started distributing cash of NRs. 5000, starting with the cash provision to Chet Bahadur Bogati. They distributed funds to 38 households in total that day. While distributing the money, they also interacted with the villagers, who were really happy and thankful to receive help.

Day 13 (9th May)

DWSWN visited Sindupalchowk. There are many houses and schools that have been destroyed. A Deerwalk family member had also lost his house. More than 90% of the houses in the village were destroyed.

[caption id="attachment_6586" align="aligncenter" width="960"]And, the effort continues... And, the effort continues...[/caption]

Shree Siddhi Kamala Devi Secondary School has 340 students from grade 1 to 10 but the school has been closed since the earthquake. DWSWN donated few PE Plastic cover sheets and money to the school. People who have lost their houses are living under the open sky with a plastic sheet cover, and still there are so many people who are waiting for tents from the government.

All Photos By: Deerwalk Social Welfare Network