Sun, 01 Oct, 2023

Deerwalk Says Goodbye to G4S

By Sabin Pathak

Picture By: DWIT News

G4S has been providing security as well as facility services at Deerwalk since its establishment. But, now they will no longer be staying here at Deerwalk and will end their services after 18th August, 2015.

There were a total of nine people hired from G4S, two people to look after the security and seven people for facility services.

[caption id="attachment_8113" align="aligncenter" width="843"]Sabin Khanal, a security person at Deerwalk Sabin Khanal, a security person at Deerwalk[/caption]

We had an interview with Sabin Khanal, a security person at Deerwalk, about their services and problems faced during their service time. Here is what we received:

Q) When did you join Deerwalk?

“Our company G4S had been providing service since the establishment of Deerwalk Inc., but I had joined from 4th May, 2015.”

Q) What were your responsibilities as a security person at Deerwalk?

“Mainly we have had to focus on the security aspect. Our job is to check everyone for a valid ID card to enter into Deerwalk grounds. This is done so that unknown people are screened from entering. We need to open and close the gates for any incoming and outgoing vehicles. We also look after Deerwalk property.”

Q) What difficulties did you face during your services time?

“We have had to face many difficulties during working time at Deerwalk. Mainly the neighbors are almost always complaining about the disturbance created by the opening and closing of the gate and the noises from the students.

Unfortunately, about three weeks ago, two security people were physically and verbally abused by a neighbor, saying that he was disturbed by the sound of opening and closing the gate. So there is a risk for us as it is our duty to open and close the gate.”

Q) What facilities did you get from Deerwalk?

“We didn’t get any extra facilities from Deerwalk, we get what we are supposed to from G4S.”

Q) Any idea about why are you leaving Deerwalk?

“As far I know, Deerwalk is not satisfied with the cost expenses for hiring G4S.”

We also had an interview with Sabina Shrestha, a facility person at Deerwalk, about their services and problems faced during their service time. [caption id="attachment_8115" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Sabina Shrestha, a facility person at Deerwalk Sabina Shrestha, a facility person at Deerwalk[/caption] She told us, “I joined Deerwalk Inc. four months ago. I cleaned the restrooms, library and the glasses. Those were my responsibility.” About the difficulties, she commented, “Sometimes the restrooms were so dirty that I had difficulty cleaning it and the classes were messy as well. Otherwise, it was fine. I also cleaned the library when it flooded a while back during the rain.” Along with G4S, Deerwalk also hires security people from Garud Security Pvt. Ltd. Garud Security Pvt. Ltd. has been providing its services since last year. There are two security persons as well as three people for facility services from it. They will continue providing their services.