Sun, 26 May, 2024

Deerwalk Names Its Buildings In an Innovative Way

By Ruby Shrestha

Photo: Top view of Deerwalk with the names of buildings Photo Courtesy: Shyam Sundar Swonepa, DWS

Deerwalk has been expanding and reforming the area it covers.  At present, it has eleven buildings covering the campus plus the company plus the canteen area, let alone the area it has separated for gardening and parking. [The 0th building, at present, is being demolished due to the impact of Earthquake on it, but shall be reconstructed soon.] Over the years, it has been purchasing land and buildings with a purpose of accommodating better facilities and easing the stay and activities of both the college and the company.

Recently, Deerwalk has named each building; unlike in other Nepali companies, the names to the buildings are put after the names of the staffs and officials at Deerwalk.

“This was the idea of Rudra Pandey, Chairman at DWIT and Executive Chairman at Deerwalk Inc. It is to honor the supporting staffs who are serving the institute for a long time; similarly, Abanish, Ashay and Smriti are DWS officials who are serving from the very beginning and are currently working in Boston,” said Surendra Adhikari, DWIT Campus Chief.

“Deerwalk is indeed Different!” It finds out interesting ways to prove this statement.