Sat, 04 Feb, 2023

Deerwalk Project Managers Speak to DWIT Students

By Sushant Gurung

On 28th May, Sanket Shrestha and Agma Malakar, project managers at Deerwalk Services shared their experience and knowledge with the students of DWIT during an ECA session in the Nupse Hall. During the talk, Sanket Shrestha, a senior project manager in Deerwalk Services, briefly talked about the software management system. According to him, a manager is someone who makes optimal use of resources in a given time with high quality and standards. He also explained how Agile methodology is being used in Deerwalk Services for an efficient working environment. Shrestha explained the software development process. In the software development phase, the list of tasks done is written in the backlog and the sprints are designed according to the backlog. A sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and is made ready for the review. Then, to know if anything is to be changed in the sprint, a meeting is set up with the client. Employees participate in a stand-up meeting every morning to allocate tasks and talk about the problems they faced the previous day. He suggested that before building any software we should first think why it is needed. We should have a clear idea about the targeted user group. “Lots of work is to be done before designing a product,” he added. Recalling his experience as a student, he said, “Our main problem is that we directly jump to code, but, this is a very bad practice.” One of the students asked, "How do you divide the work among your teams?”. He aswered, “I usually speak to the team lead. I assign the work to the team leads and they divide the work among his/her team members.” He strongly highlighted the importance of group work and homework for building a product. Agma Malakar, associate project manager of DWS, talked about her experience as a project manager and her journey to Deerwalk. She answered many student questions including one on the difference in education in the UK and Nepal. There were lot of things to learn from the session, which could be very useful for the students. One of the students said, “The session was really fruitful. We should always be ready to learn new things and apply them in our everyday life.”