Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

Deerwalk Literature Society Organizes "Guess and Grab"

By Moon Shrestha

Students gathering at the stall set up by Deerwalk Literature Society                    Photo Courtesy: DLS
The Deerwalk Literature Society organized its first event called “Guess and Grab”. The event is pretty exciting as anyone can participate with a ticket of Rs. 25. The participants are provided with a transparent box of chocolates, and they have to take a guess at the number of chocolate present in the box. The person with the correct or the closest guess will get the entire box of chocolates worth more than Rs. 1000. The event started on Dec. 26, and the winner will be announced on Dec. 30. The first day of the event went pretty well. According to the members of the club, there were more than 40 participants from different batches. The event has been running successfully, and it has received up to 80 participants. The fund raised from the event will be solely used for social purposes and charity. Aside from social service, the event was conducted for entertainment purposes with the New Years Day around the corner. College life is quite hectic, and the President of the DLS club, Prakriti Shree Tuladhar, decided to veer the students off from the stress with a little bit of playfulness i.e. the Guess and Grab event which she had participated when she was in school. She found the idea unique and exciting and decided to conduct it in DWIT as well. Now all we have to do wait is for the lucky winner to be announced who goes home with all those chocolates on Dec. 30.