Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Deerwalk Learning Center Releases Flipped Class

By Aakankshya Shrestha

  Deerwalk Learning Center, DLC, has recently launched the first series of video lectures for students of grade nine as an initiative to introducing flipped class method in Nepal.  DLC is a not-for-profit educational organization established in 2016 under the Deerwalk Education Group. DLC's plan is to provide video lectures focused on various subjects for students from Grade I to XII. The Digital Media Team at Deerwalk filter, edit, and compile the recorded lectures with commendable effort to create interactive learning materials. For the second phase, the DLC plans to release flipped classes for Grade 10. The video lectures are based on the curriculum developed by Curriculum Development Center, Ministry of Education of Government of Nepal. Flipped classes, by definition, “is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.” It is a relatively new and innovative method of learning. In this method, the teachers prepare video lectures for various subjects and make it available to the students via internet’s portal, YouTube. By providing the educational materials online, the students can easily access them from their devices at home. This way, the students will be familiar with the topics being taught in the class and can utilize class time by having meaningful discussions in the class with their friends and teacher. It aims at reversing the things done at home with things done at school. The teaching and learning process has been much the same for a long time. The teachers come to the class, give their well-prepared lectures, and give students the assignments that the students have to complete at their home. One of the objectives of flipped classes is to change that. Even though flipped classes has been used widely in developed countries, watching videos on YouTube for learning purposes might have seemed quite a far-fetched idea for our country. However, with this first step, DLC has embarked on a bright journey. It can make a huge difference by being able to provide the educational materials to the students who do not have access to proper study materials. Especially in the remote areas, where the students do not have access to books, a proper establishment for schools and qualified teachers. This way, the barriers between the students all over our country and proper education can be broken down. The videos can be accessed at