Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Deerwalk Group Conducts Seventh Annual General Meeting

By Avina Nakarmi

Photo: DWIT
Deerwalk Group successfully held a combined Annual General Meeting of DWIT, DSS, and Comp-ware on Saturday, 9th December 2017. AGM was attended by the Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Shareholders, Consultants, and Guests. The main agenda of the meeting was to brief the shareholders about the future programs of Deerwalk Group. The meeting commenced around 3:35 pm with a welcome speech by the Chief Academic Officer, Hitesh Karki. He briefed the audience about current campus activities and showcased achievements like the flipped classes and data bank project. The meeting was attended by 89 shareholders out of 175. The number of attendees seems to be increasing each year whose reason is possibly the growing brand value of Deerwalk Group. Chairman Rudra Raj Pandey summarized net worth of the company along with presenting his plan of establishing Deerwalk Group as an umbrella organization. Auditor wistfully proposed accommodating a larger number of students within DWIT family as per the capacity of the campus. Transparency of investment and return policy were some of the issues raised during the discussion session. Chairman Pandey shed light on the issues raised. Moreover, the Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari stated reducing expenses in infrastructure and setting a master plan were the future goals of Deerwalk Group. Forming a committee focused on introducing new TU affiliated courses in DWIT, uplifting the status of DSS and Deerwalk Group being registered as OTC were some of the inferences drawn by the end of the meeting. The session concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Chairman Pandey referring "It is not always about the money, sometimes it is also about the values". The meeting ended at around 5:30 pm followed by dinner at 109degrees.