Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Deerwalk Entrance Changed; Eastern Gate to be Used

By Ruby Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

The entrance to the Deerwalk premises has changed from today, 9th November 2015.

None, be it visitors or employees or students, will be allowed to enter from its usual entrance gate, which is towards the South of the Deerwalk complex. From now on, the Eastern gate to the Deerwalk premises will be used for entrance and exit. The Eastern gate is adjacent to the 'open area' near Abhibyekti Marg. Those coming via Ring Road can take West from Mitra Park and then take South from Pashupati Multiple Campus. There will be parking area inside the Eastern gate itself. The map is as shown in the picture above. To get knowledge on some extra directions and to view a zoomed image, follow this link.

Shyam Sundar Swonepa, Administrative Analyst at Deerwalk Services, said, "The old way is usually crowded, and this causes frequent disturbance in the driving path. Moreover, we wish to provide better parking space to the Deerwalkers and our visitors. Hence, we have shifted the entrance and exit towards the Eastern side."

For the initial days, some inconveniences may result from the entrance and parking area, which are going to be under development for some weeks.