Sun, 26 May, 2024

Deerwalk Construction Company Heading Towards Betterment

By Utkrista K.C.

Photo: Deerwalk Construction Company manager at work Photo Courtesy: Utkrista KC

Recently, Deerwalk has started Deerwalk Construction Company. The works are being conducted at a good pace.

For the initial period, it has started its work from the Deerwalk buildings. The new manager of the Deerwalk Construction Company, Sanjay Babu Ragubanshi, said, "Everything is going with the flow till now. I have a better working experience here than in my previous job. It is a lot easier to work here because of the proper system. I would say that in the upcoming days this company will get into other construction sites rather than only focusing on the Deerwalk buildings. And for that, I have been contacting people all over the places."

The construction company is expected to grow in the near future.