Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Deerwalk Construction Company Soon to Get On Board

By Ruby Shrestha

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Keeping the consequences of the recent Earthquake under consideration, Rudra Pandey, the Chairman of Deerwalk and DWIT, has come up with yet another entrepreneurial idea. He has thought of setting up a company called Deerwalk Construction which will help to rebuild a better Nepal and provide employment to thousands of Nepalese who, at present, wander in the foreign land for employment.

According to Rudra Pandey, the new company will come into operation from July 1st of 2015. The problem that many construction companies in Nepal face is the lack of sufficient equipments which leads to difficulties on the part of laborers and results in less throughput. Rudra Pandey said, "We are hiring many full-time construction workers and buying a lot of equipments."

Furthermore, he added, "We expect to have 1,000 Deerwalk full-time constructor crew in the next five years. I want to stop migration of labor to Middle East and Malaysia. I am very excited. Because of the devastating earthquake, we need to corporatize construction works. I want to bring dignity back to low skilled works. Deerwalk construction crews will be safely and nicely dressed: hard hat, boot and Deerwalk jacket and pants."

DWIT Campus Chief, Surendra Nath Adhikari, and DWIT Director, Bhuwan Shrestha, are also involed in this project with Rudra Pandey. They have done considerable amount of work to kick off the new project, which is expected to bring smiles to many faces who are forced to move out to gulf countries for earning money. Surendra Nath Adhikari says, "Nepal is going to have and is currently undergoing massive construction works to cope up with its development. Our project will focus on three major parts: First, control the resource drain to gulf countries; second, focus on quality construction by training resources and utilizing them; third, mechanize the construction works by importing tools and techniques to our native land (if required). Hence, the company will foster efficient infrastructural development with trained labor."

People have huge expectations from this noble project that is soon going to get on board.