Tue, 30 May, 2023

Deerwalk ARMS Making a Difference

By Ankit Pradhan

Picture Courtesy: DWSWN (Deerwalk Social Welfare Network)

It has been more than 4 months since Nepal was struck by a series of earthquakes which took thousands of lives and destroyed many buildings and properties. In addition to that Nepal lost many of its cultural heritages, temples and old monuments.

Nepal is gradually recovering from that massive disaster and for that different organizations are trying their best to mitigate the damage caused. It will never be the same as before yet these efforts will surely make a difference in people's lives.

DWSWN (Deerwalk Social Welfare Network) is one of the organizations trying to make a difference in the society. It is helping the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. It runs under the same roof of Deerwalk Inc., one of the leading IT companies in Nepal and uses technology as a mean to help the victims.

It is not a hidden fact that many donations were misused during the relief program. The victims were not given the necessary help and the fund that was collected to help them was used for someone else's personal benefits. Keeping that in mind DWSWN has developed an application called Deerwalk ARMS (Deerwalk Assessment and Rebuild Management System) through which people can donate directly to the victim/survivor. This application is available for both mobile and web platform.

The main goal of this application is to raise funds from different organizations and individuals in order to help the victims of natural disaster like the past earthquake. Through this application the donor will not only be able to give fund to the needy individual but also check if the fund has reached to right person and is being utilized properly.

The application was built in Grails Framework version 2.3.5 using MySQL as a database tool. The developers have used bit bucket which is a free on-line code hosting site in order to manage the project which is similar to GitHub. YouTube IDE has been integrated in order to support videos.

There are certain steps that you need to follow in order to donate to the victim/s:

1. Visit The site:

At first visit https://arms.deerwalkswn.org/. In this page you will find DONATE TO REBUILD button, when you click that button it will redirect to VISIT HOME page.

2. Visit Home:

In this page you can find the list of victims who are still struggling to rebuild their house and are in dire need of donations. You will also find a short family story associated with each victim. If you want to know more in detail about any of the family then you can read that by clicking on learn more button or if you want to donate to any family then you can click on DONATE TO REBUILD button.

Family details :

If you click on learn more buttons or simply click on the photo of the family then you will be redirected to a page which contains the details of the family. You can find the phone number, number of family members, number of children, location damage caused by the earthquake with pictures as well. You can also find the donation details about that family, name of the donors, donations made so far and the cost to rebuild. There is a full story about the earthquake victim and a video interview with the victim/s. Video also has the subtitles in English to help understand by every international.

3. Donate To Rebuild:

After reading their stories and understanding their situation, if you want to make a donation then you can click on DONATE TO REBUILD that will redirect you to a page of BLAKELEY FOUNDATION through which you can donate to DWSWN via your credit card.

How does DWSWN make this possible?

Assessment: At first the people from DWSWN visit the home of victim in order to collect the data. They collect data about the family members, their condition and the cost required to rebuild the house. They also find if those people are capable enough to build their house by themselves and thereby know the survivor has dire need or not. Rachana Shrestha, a project manager at DWS said, “DWSWN will analyze on the basis of assessment done and recommends a fixed amount as a maximum donation which is a goal of donation”. DWSWN provides cash in small amounts in certain interval of time until it reaches goal. Since Deerwalk ARMS is a new platform there are not too many donors but DWSWN is providing donations to victims by itself. DWSWN frequently visits the house of victim periodically in order to see the progress of house rebuilding to make sure the fund has been utilizing in right way. Progress pictures of different phases of house rebuilding are taken and are posted in the site so that the donors can look at them and be sure their donations are being utilized properly.