Sun, 26 May, 2024

DeerUtsav 3.0 - My experience

By Shreeya Pandey

Photo: Mohan Singh Bomrel
Several emotions were racing through my mind the entire night. I had to get up early the next day, so I couldn’t get a wink of sleep due to the excitement. It was DeerUtsav, DWIT's annual day and I had to get up early to complete some left out preparations. On Mar. 3, the day of Deerutsav, I got up early, got dressed, put on some make-up and left for college at 9 a.m. Usually, I am late for college, but on that day due to the excitement, I reached college early. After several minutes, everybody was seated in the Sagarmatha Hall and the formal program started. The whole event went by quite smoothly. The informal program kicked off at 1 p.m. The emcees were quite hospitable and humorous as well. They organized the program really well. I was giggling, applauding, and gossiping with my friends. The opening dance was performed by freshmen on the song- ‘Shape of you.’ I found their dance quite interesting and impressive as well. The next performance as announced by the emcees was- ‘Slap Poetry’ which sounded rather weird, surprising, and funny at the same time but then we were told that there had been a slight mistake and it was actually supposed to be –‘Slam Poetry.’ The poetry was delivered quite well by an outspoken girl- Maunta Gautam ’20. After much laughter, the next performance proceeded which was a sizzling dance performance by one of my friends- Arika Joshi '19 who impressed everybody with her dance moves. Besides this, there were other dance performances too namely ‘Trisuli Bazar’, ‘Besi Ghamailo’, and ‘Thamel Bazar’. Though there were many modern dances, the emphasis was given to mainly Nepali dance performances. All the performers performed wonderfully and made the program worth remembering. Apart from the dances, there were songs too namely ‘Dali Resham’, ‘Farki Farki’, and ‘Mercedes-Benz’ which were sung beautifully. Another song by Music Club - ‘Hazar Sapana’ was dedicated to the graduating batch. There was some drama too which made the audience laugh a lot but at the same time, the message it delivered was quite meaningful and wonderful too. Among all the performances, I liked the drama most. The acting, as well as the script, was quite amazing and humorous. The drama made the program more interesting and fun to watch. Just sitting and watching the whole time, the program became a bit monotonous, so to make the event livelier, everybody danced together to different songs and enjoyed the moment. I and my friends felt very hungry by then, so we went downstairs and devoured the delicious food that was provided. The weather too was getting chillier, so I went home with wonderful memories that I will treasure throughout my lifetime. Such events help in strengthening bonds between various batches and also between batchmates as well. Apart from this, it also helps us to get our hectic schedules out of our minds and gives us the opportunity to have a nice pleasant day with our friends.