Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

DeerUtsav 2.0 Vs. DeerUtsav 3.0

By Sweekriti Gautam

Picture: Pemma Ghising
DeerUtsav 3.0 [DWIT Annual Day] was conducted on Mar. 4, 2017. The event filled our hearts with lots of joy and memories and at the same time the soulful feeling to bid goodbye to seniors. It provided a great opportunity to share a closer bond and feeling of togetherness between every batch of DWIT. The second batch of DWIT officially ended their four years of Bachelor on the day. But how did this year's DeerUtsav fair with the last one? The previous DeerUtsav, DeerUtsav 2.0 was conducted on Mar. 13, 2016. On this day, DWIT's first batch was to graduate from college, so the college administration had decided to conduct the Annual Day in college itself. Many students were unsatisfied with this decision. The stage, lighting, and the sound systems had to be organized in a very short period of time. Though college had made a great effort,  DeerUtsav 2.0 could not meet the expectations of most of the students. In DeerUtsav 3.0, an opportunity was given to a parent of a graduating student to present his views towards the college. This reflected the involvement of the parents in the college and set the tone for the rest of the event. The performances in the later part of the program included a variety of items which matched the flavors of the audience. The audience seemed to enjoy the event to its fullest. After the end of the performances, everyone joined the dance floor to dance to the beats. Deerutsav 3.0 wrapped up with the dinner at around 5 p.m. Last year, the dance was followed by the dinner but it was prematurely ended which got a lot of students disappointed. Well, the college proved itself and filled the gaps left in DeerUtsav 2.0 and unmet expectations. It seemed that the organizing team had willingly made an effort to make the event a grand success. We must appreciate the effort made by the college to make DeerUtsav 3.0 a grand one.