Mon, 15 Jul, 2024


By Nisha Dhungana

Picture Courtesy: Dipal Malla

DeerUtsav 2.0 ended yesterday with lots of dancing, smiles and fun. The event which was held on March 13, 2016 spread the happy feelings of togetherness as well as the tears of departure. Five students of the senior most batch of the college received their graduation certificate and officially ended their four years of Bachelor education.

As the name itself suggests, the event was the second version of DeerUtsav, which is now celebrated as a tradition in Deerwalk Institute of Technology. DeerUtsav 1.0 was celebrated a year ago on March 13, 2015. Being the first of its kind, the event exceeded the general expectation of everyone, and succeeded to remain in memory of most of the people who attended the program. There were lots of dances, songs, dramas, acts and most importantly, fun. Version 2.0 seemed a little boring in comparison to DeerUtsav 1.0. The dancing numbers were limited and so was the singing. The sequel drama, “One day at TigerWalk” too seemed to be redundant and not well practiced.

We cannot ignore the efforts the college has made to make the event grand and well organized. The lighting, sound and the stage which the college managed in a short period of time left very little to complain. Dances were limited in number, but were rich in Nepali culture and depicted the harmony among different cultures in Nepali society. The formal dress code to honor the graduating students made the event looked classy. The best part was watching the seniors receive their graduation certificates with lots of good memories and bright future ahead in their minds. The food added more flavor to the ceremony as they were undoubtedly delicious.

The event last year was more fun overall, but lacked proper organization, whereas this year, it was a little less fun, but more properly organized. Observing back, what I can conclude is that DeerUtsav 1.0 and 2.0 were both unique in their own ways. It is difficult to say which one was better, but for me, 1.0 carried much happier memories than 2.0, and therefore became my most memorable DeerUtsav. There is always room for improvement, and most probably next year, the event will be much bigger and will fill the gap felt in DeerUtsav 2.0.