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DeerUtsav 1.0 Successfully Held

By Sabin Pathak

Photo Courtesy: Suryaraj Timsina

19th February, 2015, was a day that will always be remembered at DWIT. It was a memorable and a historical day.  On that day, the most awaited event, the annual festival of DWIT, aptly named DEERUTSAV 1.0, was successfully held. The event took place at Celebration Heights, Sukedhara Chowk, Kathmandu. The event started at 3:30 P.M.

This was the first time that DWIT annual festival was celebrated with the students from all four batches, faculty members, administrative members and the entire DWIT family. All the members of DWIT family including the families of faculty members gathered at the venue. The stage for the performance was beautifully decorated with balloons and students from DWIT were volunteering to host and manage the program. There were more than 24 performances performed by the students.

 The program started with the national anthem followed by the welcome speech given by Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari. He commented, "On behalf of DWIT, I would like to welcome all of you to this great event DEERUTSAV 1.0 and I am grateful to all of you who volunteers in this event and who are with us despite their valuable time.” Students started performing sequentially. The performances were not limited only to dances; there were many beautiful songs, plays and cultural fashion show. After some performances Chief Guest of the event, Chairmain of DWIT, Rudra Pandey, delivered his inspirational speech. He mentioned, "This is the first time we are conducting this event and in the upcoming years, during these sort of events, many rewards for different categories will be added.” He also thanked all the members of DWIT family to make that event successful. He also added, "I planned to manage well facilitated auditorium in our own building at DWIT so that we should not go out to conduct this type of event.”

[caption id="attachment_4804" align="aligncenter" width="729"]Photo Courtesy: Suryaraj Timsina Photo Courtesy: Suryaraj Timsina[/caption]

DWIT had organized dinner during the event. After the dinner break, the event again continued with remaining performances. Variety of performances were shown by the students in DEERUTSAV 1.0. It included dances (cultural, Nepali folk, Free style), songs (Nepali, Hindi, English), cultural fashion show and plays showing the scenario of our country and DWIT. All the performances were really great. The performances were followed by the dance party and at the end of the event Chief Academic Officer of DWIT, Hitesh Karki, played guitar with beautiful songs. The event lasted for about 6 hours.

Menosh Appl, one of the faculty members of DWIT, was the captain of this event. After the event was successfully conducted, she happily remarked, "I want to thank everyone who took part, from dancers, performers, musicians, singers, playwrights, to ones who set up the stage, took charge of lights, music, costumes, fashion show, food, photography, filming, reception and just being there to support each other. I know the great amount of time and energy which went into this event and I am very proud of you. Thank you for making me part of it.”

This event was a grand success. All the expectations of DWIT family members were met by this event.