Sun, 26 May, 2024

Deerthon Successfully Completed

By admin

Picture Courtesy: Media Club The most anticipated event of the DWIT College, Deerthon 2016 was successfully commenced on 2nd of July, Saturday. The event officially started off at 7 a.m. in the morning. The media partner of this event was DWIT News and DWIT Media Club. The event was organized and sponsored by DWIT and DWS. First of all, the registration of all the participants was done. All the participants were provided with the participation card. After the registration process, breakfast was served to all the participants, organizers, and the volunteers of the event. Shortly, after the breakfast, the program officially started with the speech of one of the guest of the event, Shweta Karna, Associate Director of the Deerwalk services Pvt. Ltd. The speech of the guest was followed by the welcome speech of the president of the Software Club, Subigya Kumar Nepal. The topics or the themes of the events were kept a secret until the president revealed that there were 17 topics and among them each team were supposed to pick any of the given topics. A total of 10 topics were chosen by each team.  The rules and regulations were announced before the topic disclosure. As soon as the topics were revealed each team were given a period of almost 2 hours to brainstorm their ideas. Each team was provided with enough time to interact and share their ideas with their mentors. The brainstorming session was followed by the lunch break. The coding process commenced immediately after the lunch break. Each team had come up with an idea by now so the participants were busy with their codes. Snacks along with the tea/coffee were served at about at 5 in the evening. The coding process continued until dinner which was served about at half past seven. The participants were given a presentation on how they are supposed to present their ideas the next day after they have completed their chosen project. The event came to an end after all the participants were dropped home.