Fri, 24 May, 2024

Deerthon Enthralls DWIT Coders

By Ankit Pradhan

The Software Club, whose main work is to carry out different software related programs, is one of the most active clubs at DWIT. It is recently doing some of the activities like Deercoders and Deerthon. It is also working to build a mobile app for DWIT NEWS team. We all must have heard about different app competitions that are being organized by different companies or organizations in national and international platforms. Recently few months ago, NASA held same kind of competition which was called Appathon and Ncell is organizing Ncellapp Camp. Similarly, the software club of DWIT has also organized Deerthon, intracollege appathon, among the students for the very first time at DWIT. This year the competition is among the students of the DWIT only, but later in the future, the software club is planning to do this competition among all the students in Nepal. In this competition, 23 students divided into 7 teams are participating. These teams have to go through different steps in order to reach the finals. Each team is given the same theme by the organizers and they have to present their idea related to that theme. This time the theme is e-health, thus the participants have to build the app related to health.  In the first round, the competitors have to present the prototype of the app that they are going to build. They will be given 24 hours to put their idea and build their prototype. The idea may have many features but in that day participants should implement at least one of the features and that should be a workable block of code. The next day will be pitching, participants have to present their idea, problems and the solution for the problems. They should also explain the value addition to their app and convince the judges why the people will use their app. They have to explain the workflow of their idea. In the same day 3 teams will be selected. The teams will be judged on: Idea: 30% of the whole grade Effectiveness and Applicability, 20% Design: 10% and Presentation: Each team will be given only 5 minutes to present their idea, where they should be able to put their whole idea in that time frame and convince the judges. Presentation covers 30% of overall mark. Style: We know that first impression is the last impression. So the participants should be able to impress the judges through their idea and the way they present. This section carries 10% of overall marks. Based on the above criteria, the top 3 apps will be selected. The R&D (Research and Development) Department at DWIT will provide each team with a mentor and within six weeks the three teams should make the complete product. The mentors will only guide the teams, not help develop the final product. After six weeks another ceremony will be held and the winning team will be selected from the same criteria. The winning team will be given a prize which hasn’t been announced and is said to be surprise by the organizer. The product will be completed by the developers themselves and if they need funding or other help, the R&D Department will provide assistance.