Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

DeerTalk: DWIT vs. DWS

By Sushant Gurung

On 19th September, 2014, DeerExpress conducted its first session of the DeerTalk, where the champions of Deerwalk Institute of technology (DWIT) faced off against the champions of Deerwalk Services (DWS) in Lhotse hall. There were eight participants, four from each side. The four student participants were Pratibh Acharya, Barsha Dahal, Dipesh Poudel and Asmit Prasai, whereas Minesh Maharjan, Swoyambhu Shrestha, Bibek Lal Shrestha and Sunita Singh were representing Deerwalk Services. The participants were judged by Surendra Adhikari from DWIT and a HR Manager from Deerwalk Services. The session was started by the DeerSpeech given by Abhishek Gupta on the topic "JavaScript". The first round of the event was ‘extempore session’ where all the participants gave impromptu speeches. After an exciting extempore session, four participants, namely: Barsha Dahal, Sunita Singh, Minesh Maharjan and Swoyambhu Shrestha made it to the next round, which was ‘debate’. The topic of debate was “Federalism in Nepal”. Swoyambhu Shrestha and Sunita Singh spoke in favor of the topic, whereas, Barsha Dahal and Minesh Maharjan stood against the topic. The four participants gave their best and spoke magnificently in front the audience. After the participants had given their arguments, the judges decided the winner; she was Barsha Dahal. She was awarded with a trophy and a certificate, accompanied by a Dairy Milk Chocolate. The competition was tough for all the participants. The audience fully enjoyed the session. After the session, one of the students said, “It was great. The most delightful thing was that DWIT won. I never thought we would compete with people of services and will even win over them."