Fri, 24 May, 2024

DeerPicnic 2018

By Aishwarya Sapkota

DeerPicnic, the most awaiting moment for all the Deerwalkers, was held on 26 Jan 2018.  The picnic spot for this year was ‘’Sanga’’ which is situated on the border of the Bhaktapur.  College buses took off from the college at 8:15 am and reached the destination at 9:45 am. When students arrived at the destination, breakfast was provided to everyone. And after that, tickets were made available so that students could register their name for the games going to be held. First game was ‘Haandifor’ where each participant was blindfolded and they had to break the haandi to get a prize. Similarly, the game ‘Dizzy penalty ‘ was the played next.  Followed by the dizzy penalty was the game‘Hula Hoop Tic tac Toe’. Since this game was easy and interesting to play, everyone was excited about it. This game had the maximum number of participants compared to other games. After the games, another meal was served to everyone. After the meal, two more games namely, Tug of War and Bingo were played. Everyone seemed to enjoy either playing games or watching them. Dance and Music also played a great role to make the environment more enthusiastic. The picnic came to an end with another delicious meal and more dance and music. Here is what some of the Deerwalkers have to say about the picnic: "Since this is my first picnic here at Deerwalk, I am a little bit confused to comment on today’s event.  To be honest, I liked the food and the organizing committee also did a great job."

-Sanjay  Sanjel, Class of 2021

"We thought the area is not large so picnic won’t be as fun as it was the previous year. But the reality was a lot better than what we expected. The enthusiasm every one of us has for music and celebration was the best thing for me today."

-Alon Shrestha, Class of 2020

"Last year the location was Kakani. So the picnic spot there was larger than this place. If it had been more spacious, then there would be more places to visit and more games could be played. Otherwise, everything is great. Food tastes good and the management committee is also doing their best. "

-Raman Pandey, Class of 2019